Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Up all night...

Zane woke me up whining at about 12:45am.  I got up to see if he was okay and found that he'd had a few accidents.  There was also a small puddle of blood.  So, I cleaned that up and ended up staying up all night with him.  I had to take him out a couple more times and he did have one more accident inside.  It looked like his poop was slightly more solid, though it was still pretty loose.  I didn't see blood in that one.

I think Zane is feeling a little better, though he seems as tired as I am.  We were supposed to go to the vet this morning for surgery, but that got postponed until Thursday.  If his diarrhea doesn't go away today, we may hold off on the surgery until next week.

I hear him downstairs barking now and he eagerly ate a little chicken with yogurt.  Yogurt is supposed to be helpful for colitis, as is pumpkin.  He doesn't seem sick at all.  Besides being tired from having to fart and poop, he seems his usual jovial self.  But I'm keeping an eye on him and will run him to the vet if I have to.

The landlord is coming over in awhile to bring us our oil for the winter.  Every year, we have to fill the tank.  It's kind of a pain in the ass and I'm really not in the mood today, but it does need to be done.  There's nothing worse than running out of fuel.  That happened to us last time we lived in Germany and it was the pits.

I'm really tired, though... Damn colitis.

Maybe later, if I can muster the energy, I'll have something more substantial to write about.


  1. If Zane continues to have issues, look into pancreatitis, although if he already has a diagnosis of colitis (in which case I can sympathize with the poor guy) it's probably not a comorbid diagnosis.

    1. It's been about seven hours since his last mucus and bloody poop.


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