Friday, September 30, 2016

Off to the fest...

Bill has today off work.  His co-workers bought tickets to the Canstatter Fest in Stuttgart and the company boss is allowing everyone to go.  So in a few minutes, I will don my dirndl and go drink a lot of beer and eat chicken with Bill's co-workers.

Tomorrow, Bill has to attend a farewell lunch for his soon to be former boss, who is moving to Hawaii.  Bill's promotion is effective next week and he did manage to get a modest raise.  Tomorrow's festivities also include a round of golf.  If not for the golf, I'd probably be joining Bill at the lunch.

Bill doesn't golf and did not actually sign up to play.  However, he was signed up by someone and now feels obligated to go.  So I guess tomorrow, he'll be making up for today on the golf course.  It's actually not a bad skill to have.  A lot of business deals are made on the golf course.  I probably know more about golfing than Bill does, though.  I used to work at a golf course in South Carolina waiting tables and bartending.

I'm kind of pissed about the golf game, but I guess I'll find some way to use the time.  Maybe I'll make some music or wash the sheets... or plan our trip for next week, which looks like it'll be in France.

Or... if I know myself, I may have to take some time to recover after the festivities at the fest.  Wish me luck.


  1. Washing the sheets is seriously one of my favorite things to do. I'd have fresh sheets every night if I had the time and energy. At my parents' home, I have seven sets of sheets for my bed, so sometimes I do change sheets every night when I'm there.

    If I had to complete 18 holes of golf, I would probably take twenty-four hours or more to do it. I don't know if golf is like miniature golf where you can max out a whole with a given numner of strokes, or if you have to keep swinging away until you finally get the ball into the little hole. I'm not a bad putter and am not too sucky at miniature golf, maybe partly because we had a putting green at my last house in northern CA, but I can't hit with clubs, drivers, wedges, irons, or whatever (I don't even know the difference to be perfectly honest) to save my soul.

    Chicken sounds good. How was the chicken prepared?


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