Thursday, September 1, 2016

Off to Belgium...

We won't be seeing him this weekend... unless the town we visit happens to have one.  I have heard that there are a bunch of these around Belgium, but I don't know for sure.

We are going to Belgium for Labor Day weekend.  I am pretty excited about it because I love Belgium.  I was actually hoping Bill would have found a job there, but it's not as easy to get work in Belgium doing what he does as it is in Germany.  A country famous for a statue of a little boy pissing, along with its beer, frites, chocolate, and waffles, is alright with me.  We are hoping to drink lots of great beers this weekend with the dogs in tow.  Hopefully, it'll be as fabulous as I've planned.

Bill has just landed in Frankfurt and will take another flight to Stuttgart.  Hopefully, we'll be on the road by early afternoon and traffic won't be too horrible.  I have been looking forward to going to Belgium for years...  probably ever since the first time we spent Labor Day in Belgium.

I remember sitting in my office in our first German house and getting a pissy email from Bill saying "I think we need to go to Brussels and see Mannekin Pis."

Poor Bill had been working on a very annoying project at work that had kept him working late for weeks.  He was burned out and grumpy and needed a mental enema.  So we booked first class train tickets from Stuttgart to Brussels and rode Thalys.  In retrospect, it might have been better to drive or fly.  The train ride was fun, though, if somewhat uneventful.  The most exciting part about it was having extremely close connections in Cologne, where we had to switch trains from the German ICE to Thalys.

We spent Labor Day weekend in a beautiful hotel room right next to the Grand Place and visited a number of charming Belgian bars, where we drank a whole lot of exotic and delicious suds.  Even though Brussels was pretty dirty, we had a great time and even took a side trip to Bruges, which was a real treat.  I would love to go back to Bruges and see Antwerp and Ghent, too.  But this time, because we are traveling with the dogs, we're going to stay somewhat closer to Germany.

I have been itching for a trip longer than a weekend for awhile now...  I even gave my liver several days of sobriety in preparation.  Wish us luck that it all turns out okay.

Bill in 2008.  We were in Brussels.


  1. Liver sobriety is highly overrated (says the med school student who knows absolute zero). Drink beer and eat chocolate in my honor, please.


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