Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My very weird dream...

So yesterday, we decided not to go ahead with Zane's surgery tomorrow.  It may turn out we have his cyst removed if it gets big again, but at this point, it's really tiny.  I hate to put him through a surgery if he doesn't really need it.  It turns out it was a good thing we decided to cancel, because Bill went by to talk to the vet yesterday and they were also wanting to cancel the surgery.  I guess they had bigger fish to fry tomorrow.

All of the thinking I've been doing about Zane's surgery must have really gotten to me, because this morning I had a dream we were in Belgium and I needed surgery.  I was admitted to the hospital with a bunch of other people and my nurse, a young woman dressed in a polo shirt and casual pants, was very laid back.  She took me on a tour of the hospital and then fed me lunch.  I remember thinking that if I was going to have lunch, I probably shouldn't have surgery.  She assured me it was all okay, though.  

Just as they were about to wheel me off to surgery, I woke up.  Zane was sitting there whining at me.  Sometimes in the morning, he wakes up with an upset stomach and doesn't want to eat right away.  Such was the case this morning.  Bill tried to feed him and he wasn't having it.  Consequently, he was hungry and wanted me to give him his morning rations.  I was still pretty groggy upon waking, so I needed a few minutes to get my bearings.  Meanwhile, Zane was still whining.

I gave him his food, accompanied by a couple of little cookies to settle his stomach.  He ate.  An hour or so later, he was demanding a walk.  So I got dressed in long pants and hiking boots because fall has now arrived in Germany.  We took our walk and now I'm sitting here with indigestion, thinking that it's time for me to have some lunch.

I watched several episodes of CHiPs from 1979 yesterday.  I realized how fucking old I am now.  It was a good episode, though.  Leif Garrett was starring, playing an overworked rock star.  I have to say, he was quite cute back in the day.  I don't know who told him he could sing, though.  Anyway, that episode had a whole lot of stars from that era in it, some of whom are now long dead.  Quite a few of the stars were people who had been on some of my favorite childhood shows.


Am I really this old?  I was seven when this originally aired.  Dana Plato looks wasted.

I see Philip McKeon, of Alice fame, is roller skating.  Here is a video of him with his sister, Nancy, who starred on The Facts of Life. 

This is a very awkward looking video...  Philip and Nancy are obviously reading and the kids all look shell shocked and bored.

Anyway... I may spend some time today deciding if and where we should go over Columbus Day.  Again, it'll have to be a pet friendly locale, since we aren't booking the dogs.  The things I do for them.

I do love this time of year, though.  Germany is lovely in the fall.  


  1. My cousin (about fifteen years older than I) had a cassette recording of Leif Garrett singing "Runaruond sue." She allegedly used to play it incessantly. I've heard it once, and once is enough to convince me that if she tried to play it again in my presence, I would probably destroy it and end up in small claims court.

    You didn't mention her, but Because she is from the same era, I will share that my dad admits to having had the hots for Kristy McNichol. She is a few years older than he, but boys sometimes lust after older women. Maybe it's hindsight, but I can see in reruns that she pinged even back in the day.

    1. Kristy McNichol was a huge star with a cute brother. She's another one who tried to sing and shouldn't have. She's a great actress, though.

  2. Dreams are so bizarre. When I was in therapy, I tried to tell my shrink about a dream I had the night before in which I was tackled by Ted Kennedy in a touch football game. He didn't even want to hear about it. I guess that's how much significance he places in dreams. I think they sometimes can be significant, though I'm not sure the Ted Kennedy dream was. I can't even remember if he was dead or alive when I had the dream.

    Last night I had a dream. I think the TV was on, and that commercial where the women tell all the htings they're doing to make their families healthy (I'm tired, but I'm teaching my kids hopscotch; I'm growing a vegetable garden, etc., etc.) probably came on when I was in REM, but not as deep as I would have been without the TV.. In my dream, some people I work with were reciting the lines from the commercial verbatim as though they were the actual characters in the commercial. The one who said she was teaching her kids to play hopscotch has only 2 kids - both boys who are high school athletes. In my dream, I told her how thrilled I thought her sons must be to learn to play hopscotch at their age. She got mad at me. Then the woman who bragged about growing the vegetable garden to feed her kids healthier foods got mad because I reminded her that her kids have flown the coop and that she would have to mail the veggies out of state if she wanted her kids to eat them. Then I reminded the one who talked about avoiding Type II diabetes that she has Type I diabetes, and one of her three kids does as well already. Screw Type II diabetes and worry about Type I. Then they all ran up the steps that they run up in the commercial and hollered, "We feel GREAT!"

    I assume my dream is one piece of evidence that you shouldn't sleep with your TV on.

    1. I guess your shrink wasn't into Freud.

      LOL... as for your dreams, they certainly are colorful. I was having an interesting dream this morning, but I don't remember it right now. Bill woke me up in the middle of it.


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