Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mr. Zane is going under the knife next week...

So I took Zane to the vet yesterday, not really sure what was going to happen.  His regular vet wasn't there.  She's probably on vacation.  So he saw the other vet, who is very nice, but doesn't speak English as well.

She gave Zane his allergy shot and took one look at the big bump and said it needs to come off.  Now...  if it's a lipoma or a sebaceous cyst, it may not need to come off in a medical sense.  The trouble is, they didn't do a needle biopsy when I first showed it to them, so we can only assume what the lump is based on its appearance.  To be honest, I want the lump gone because it creeps me out.  If it's a cyst, it will only go away completely if they take out the whole thing rather than just drain it.  If it's a lipoma, it won't go away.  If it's cancer, it definitely needs to go.  But while I don't want to tell the vets how to do their job, I wish we were certain what the bump is.

Here in Germany, the vets don't seem to be as concerned about pretesting as American vets are.  They also don't do as many immunizations or give heartworm preventative (supposedly, heartworms aren't a problem here).  It'll probably be fine... but I worry about my boys.  They are the closest thing I have to children.

A week from today, Zane will probably have stitches and I'll be trying to keep him from messing with them.  I guess I better order an inflatable collar.

Maybe later, I'll write about something other than dogs...  after our walk, perhaps.

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