Friday, September 2, 2016

I wasn't gonna post anything today, but...

Can I just say that I totally love Belgium?  It's just my kinda place.

Check this out!

I guess stealth pooping is a problem here in Durbuy... sad that they need a sign!

Actually, if I recall correctly, we ran across a lot of shit when we visited Brussels back in 2008.  I mean, there was shit there that I was sure was human.  I mentioned it to an Italian guy I know who now lives in Germany/Belgium and he wondered how I knew it was human.  I have seen enough dog crap to know what it looks and smells like and I have even more experience with human excrement.  And I just got the feeling that what I saw in Brussels was not from a canine...

I always wondered about it... but now I guess I can say that they must have issues with people illegally dumping.  We cleaned up after Zane and Arran.  I must say, today was a banner day in teaching them how to behave in public.  In fact, they even got approving nods from locals!  It made my day!

And yes, I will be reposting this photo... probably dozens of times.

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