Thursday, September 15, 2016

I am just brimming with blog topics today...

First off, good news.  Zane the wonder beagle is feeling much better this morning.  I just took him for a walk and he took a relatively normal dump consisting of two solid nuggets.  No more bloody, mucus covered diarrhea, for now, anyway.  We rescheduled his surgery to remove the cyst for next week, but now I'm thinking about cancelling it.  Last week, the cyst on his shoulder was suddenly much bigger, but now it's smaller than it was before.  I'm thinking the harness he was wearing in the car on the way to Belgium irritated the cyst.  We may still have it removed for that reason, but I'm no longer as freaked out about it as I was.

Moving on...

Next... a little more on my thoughts about Chelsea Manning's proposed gender reassignment surgery. I often do a lot of thinking while I walk my dogs.  This morning was no different.  As I was celebrating Zane's magically normal dump, I started thinking about Manning and how s/he proposes to have gender reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense.  And then I realized that there's a large segment of people who ought to be good and pissed about this development and that's any woman who has served in the military or the Peace Corps and wanted to have an abortion.

A few years ago, I blogged about this topic.  When I was in the Peace Corps, I knew a fellow Volunteer who was raped.  Fortunately, she did not get pregnant.  Had she gotten pregnant and decided to terminate her pregnancy, she would have had to pay for the procedure herself as it's forbidden to use federal funds to pay for an abortion.

I see that I blogged about Manning and abortion a few years ago, too, but yesterday during our Facebook conversation about Manning, I had forgotten that little factoid.  The post I wrote in 2013 pretty much sums up how I feel about this, though.  I have compassion for Chelsea Manning's wishes to be female.  However, people in hell want ice water.  There are a lot of people in hell in the United States who aren't sitting in prison.  Why aren't our tax dollars going to help more of them?

I realize a lot of people think Chelsea Manning is a heroine.  To be honest, I'm not really sure how I feel about what Manning did.  What I will say is that there is no doubt that s/he violated the law.  Is a 35 year sentence excessive for what s/he did?  Perhaps.  There may come a time down the line when the sentence will get reduced.  I have a feeling that a lot of it will have to do with politics.  But, as it stands now, my opinion is that Manning is a convicted felon whose elective surgery desires should not come before those of people who have not broken the law.

Moving on...

I see the Duggars' endless quest to remain relevant is continuing.  Yesterday, I read that they are planning to adopt their 20th child.  This kid is the eight year son of Michelle Duggar's niece, 23 year old Rachel Nicole Hutchins, who has some personal problems that prevent her from properly caring for her boy.  Evidently, Michelle's sister Carolyn had been taking care of the child, but Carolyn had a stroke.  So Boob and Michelle have stepped up to be temporary guardians.  They have been in court to make the guardianship permanent, at which point they are reportedly hoping to adopt the boy.

Now... clearly this kid needs a good home and good on the Duggars for stepping up to the plate.  But my guess is that his name doesn't start with a "J" and he would be the one kid Michelle didn't deliver. Aside from that, the Duggar family has some pretty serious issues going against them, to include their eldest son being a pervert.

But... I guess they wanted that 20th child and have to make it legal so Boob has total control.  So we'll see what happens.  For the boy's sake, I hope wherever he lands is as stable as possible.  It sounds like he's been through a lot in his eight years.  I would always support family members taking care of their own over foster care, even if the family situation isn't ideal.  I think the Duggars are pretty fucked up, but my guess is that they'll end up with their 20th child after all, come hell or high water.

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