Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A great time marred by anxiety...

Bill and I are back from Belgium and I've written a series of blog posts on my travel blog documenting our experiences.  On this page, I'll just say that we had a very good time.  The dogs behaved themselves and we were able to eat chocolate and frites and drink Belgian beer to our hearts' content.

Although we did have fun on our trip, I am left with some lingering anxiety.  Zane has this bump on his shoulder that's been growing since February.  For months, it's been pretty stable, flat, round, though a bit hard.  I noticed the other day that it had suddenly gotten significantly larger.  It went from the size of a dime to perhaps the size of a nickel.  It's also protruding more than it was so that it's easily visible.  Before, I had to feel for it to find it.

I had the vet look at this bump in July, when it was still fairly small.  She said it was a sebaceous cyst, though she didn't do a needle biopsy.  At the time, Zane had another lump that was more concerning to me, so I had her check that one.  The one that was worrying me turned out to be a lipoma.  It hasn't changed.

I have an appointment with the vet today to get Zane's allergy shot.  The "cyst" is in the area where they had been giving him shots.  I will have the vet check it out again today.  It could be a cyst that is getting bigger or fixing to burst.  It could be another lipoma.  Or it could be something more sinister.

I am probably more freaked out about it than Zane is.  It doesn't seem to hurt him except if I squeeze it (to see if it's in the skin or under it).  It seems to be in the skin.  It's still round and smooth, though it's a bit hard.

I think I'd like the vet to remove it, even if it's just a cyst.  It creeps me out to look at it and I don't like touching it.  Also, if it's a cyst that will eventually burst, I'm not looking forward to the potential mess of that.

For his part, Zane enjoyed a good walk this morning and picked up his usual branch in the place where he typically likes to run.  He ate his breakfast willingly after we walked (he didn't get up at the crack of dawn with Bill and Arran).  He's now taking a nap in the sun, probably oblivious to how freaked out his "mom" is over that suddenly bigger lump on his shoulder.

Zane on the way to Belgium.

I think our trip was stressful for Zane.  He gets nervous in the car and likes to stand in the middle of the front seats to watch the scenery.  We put him in a harness to keep him from climbing up front, but the lead can't be shortened enough to keep him from trying to surf between the seats.  On our trip to Belgium, there was a refrigerator/cooler in the back.  We had it turned off on the way to Belgium, but turned it on for the drive back to Germany because we had some perishables.  Poor Zane almost got his toes nipped by the fans.  It took some doing to get him to stop trying to ride on the cooler, but he finally got the message and stayed in the back seat.

Anyway... if you have any spare good vibes for Zane, I would appreciate them.  This is probably nothing, but I do worry.

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