Saturday, August 27, 2016

Violence is not the answer...

This morning, an Army officer with whom I am marginally acquainted posted a link to a news story about three Marines who beat the shit out of a guy who was messing around with one of their wives.  The link the guy posted didn't seem very objective to me, so I went looking for a news report.  I found one from a newspaper out of Bakersfield, California.

Basically, what happened is Norman Early III was lured by a faked text message to the home of Diana Reyes, wife of 22 year old former Marine Sergio Medina.  Early had been pursuing a romantic relationship with Reyes while Medina was deployed.  Reyes had tried to break up with Early, but he persisted trying to maintain contact.

Medina and two Marine buddies, Leonardo Ortiz and Rodrigo Sanchez, both 20 years old, decided to get even with Early.  They sent Early a text message that appeared to be from Reyes, inviting him to her home.  When Early arrived at the home, the three men beat him, tied him up with zip ties, and threatened to kill him.  They wore face masks and held Early for thirty minutes, then released him after taking his cell phone and wallet.

Early managed to call for help from his car's OnStar system.  He went to a hospital where he was treated for an orbital fracture, bruising to his head and body, and swelling to his head and neck.  At one point, Early's kidneys failed and he needed dialysis.  He came close to dying.

The comments on this story were pretty shocking to me.  A lot of people seem to think this beating was justified.  I would agree that it's really not a good idea for anyone, male or female, to get involved with someone who's married.  Getting involved with a Marine's spouse is probably especially stupid.

However, Medina and his buddies, who were sentenced to six, three, and three years each in prison, had no right to beat the shit out of Early.  They behaved like thugs and got kicked out of the Marines.  Now they're going to be cooling their heels in prison, where they will face the consequences of their actions.  Medina's wife, Diana Reyes, will be alone again and, if they haven't gotten a divorce by the time Medina gets out of the pokey, she will probably end up messing around again.  Meanwhile, taxpayers will be supporting these three guys who are in jail because of their violence.  It's doubtful jail will turn out to be a positive learning experience for them.  They'll probably come out even more violent than they were before.

Now, Norman Early III was certainly wrong for his behavior.  I can understand why some people think he's a scumbag.  And Medina's wife, Diana, probably has some responsibility in this mess, too.  But people can't go around assaulting and robbing people who do them wrong.  It's criminal, thuglike behavior that will only make life worse.

I'm sure a mitigating factor in this case is that these guys had presumably deployed to places where there was a lot of violence and perhaps had participated in battle.  On the other hand, thousands of veterans have gone to places like Iraq and Afghanistan and not turned into thugs.

These three are lucky they only got six, three, and three years in the big house.  They probably should have gotten more time.

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  1. Nah he got what he deserved, on top of that the whore wife should've gotten some too if he was going to jail anyway and more than like a divorce at the end of it all. They don't keep you in prison for such small crimes.

    1. Really? You think it's appropriate for people to commit felonies against others they deem have done them wrong? You must be a savage.

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    Im glad to know the truth, I glad I broke up with him the day the truth surfaced, he continued to lie to me all this time and to the court under oath he was living with me during this whole time. compulsive lier I cant believe him, these men did nothing wrong he did for not having respect towards anyone . I have all our pics on my social media until 8/24/16. He lied to me about everything and was dishonest, the court only got to hear whatever side benefited him because he is great at manipulating. I regret meeting such a person like this and allowing him to get close to my son, I cant believe I wasted so much time on you

    1. Sorry you went through that. I still think beating the shit out of people is wrong, though.

    2. Um excuse me but that was my best friend who was with this scumbag and he was supposed to be home when instead he was out WITH ANOTHER MANS WIFE who just so happened to be a MARINE which is a strength U could never have. These 3 men DID NOT deserve to go to prison for his sorry ass which is as fat as yours. You know nothing of the real world nor whats it like to fight for who and what u love. U are a pathetic disappointment and are so naive and oblivious. This twerp put MY BEST FRIEND through so much stress she went from being 125 to 98 pounds, because he was so toxic. I am glad he finally got something he deserved for the kind of person he really is behind closed doors. By the way Knotty, U've been cheated on, even if U dont know it yet. Im sorry your so pathetic and an embarrassment to even be considered a women better yet a Strong one.

    3. It's not appropriate for people to beat the hell out of other people. That is barbarism.

      And no, I haven't been cheated on, but I will admit to having a fat ass. Have a nice day.