Sunday, August 7, 2016

My heart skips a beat whenever I see someone visiting my blog from the following places...

I'm going to write a very quick post today because I have high hopes that Bill and I will be taking the dogs and doing something fun.  I thought about today's topic last night, as we were enjoying dinner and wine.  Sometimes I get visits from people who are in small towns I used to live in, work in, or otherwise know.  Here's a list.

1. Gloucester, Virginia
2. Sanford, North Carolina
3. Fayetteville, Georgia
4. Farmville, Virginia
5. Natural Bridge, Virginia
6. Certain places in Germany.
7. Buena Vista, Virginia
8. Winnsboro, South Carolina

People who visit my blog from those places make me smile because I know a lot about where they're writing from.  I can picture myself there.

On another note, I just found this weird Christian ad from the 1980s.  The uploader has added some snarky comments that I have to agree with.  Sometimes I miss the 80s, when there was a lot of weird shit on TV.  Thank God for YouTube.

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