Sunday, August 28, 2016

I learned a funny new slang word yesterday...

Somehow, I ended up on some page about politics and someone wrote about how, back when Bill Clinton was campaigning for president, he noticed that Hillary Clinton had a nice "turd cutter".  I must admit, I had never heard that term until I read it yesterday.  It made me laugh.

I read on, and the guy wrote about how he was in the military during Bill Clinton's first campaign.  It was his job to stand guard.  Hillary and Chelsea were there and the guy said he noticed that Hillary's ass was bangin'.  Someone else commented that Hillary would have been in her 40s at that time, prime cougar years.

I probably shouldn't have laughed about guys talking about Hillary Clinton's ass.  To be honest, I have been rather appalled by the sexist comments I have heard people making about Mrs. Clinton.  I am not a fan of her politics myself, but I do think she's more than proven that she's not just another sex object.

Edited to add... Now I see how I ended up reading about Hillary Clinton's butt.  I have been watching old episodes of Night Court  recently and had looked up the actor, Richard Moll, who played Bull Shannon.  I was reading about why Mr. Moll would never do a Night Court reunion and, for some inexplicable reason, someone brought up Hillary Clinton's turd cutter.  The shit you read on the Internet!  It's crazy.

Anyway, Bill is off on a business trip, so I'm going to spend the next few days trying to cope.  Then, when he gets back on Thursday, we will head off on a trip to Belgium for the long weekend.  I'm really looking forward to it.  The dogs are coming, too, because we're renting a house.  It should be very relaxing, as long as he gets back in time.  When it comes to flying to and from Africa, one never knows what will happen.

Maybe later, I'll be back to vent...


  1. I hope you cope well. Why wouldn't Richard Moll do a "Night Court" reunion?

    1. Apparently, he didn't get along with some of the others in the cast.


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