Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Annoying Amazon sellers... or... kindly fuck off, Mary.

The things I go through for these two...

Last year, my dog Arran (the one who's sitting in the photo as opposed to lying down) had a cancerous tumor removed from the top of his head.  It was a low grade mast cell tumor.  Aside from a little scar where his eyebrow would be, he's since been very healthy.  I have not found any other suspicious bumps on him (knock on wood).

However, because I've done lots of reading about mast cell tumors and have had miserable experiences with two other dogs who have had cancer, I decided to stop feeding regular dog food to my boys.  Instead, I order a low carb food from Canada that is recommended by a veterinary oncologist.  It's expensive food, even if you're in a place where it's easily accessible.  Here in Germany, it runs about $80 for a 26 pound bag.  The boys like it and it makes me feel better to give it to them... and for once, we can afford it.  I get it through, usually through the same seller. Occasionally, I have to switch sellers if my regular source is out of stock.

Along with the Orijen dog food, I also buy Orijen dog treats.  Until very recently, I'd buy three small bags of them at a time.  They, too, are expensive, but not out of reach for us and the boys love them.  Lately, the small bags of treats have become very hard to find.  I recently decided to purchase three larger bags from a seller I have never used before.

Now... aside from the fact that this was a very expensive order and it took a lot longer than usual for the treats to get to me, I am relatively happy with the purchase.  Each bag contains many treats that should last us awhile.  But one thing I *don't* like are the constant nagging emails I keep getting from someone named Mary.  Mary supposedly works for the seller/company that sold me the treats.  I have gotten three or four emails from her, usually at around eight o'clock in the morning, *begging me* to leave feedback on Amazon.  Now that I think of it, Mary may just be an automated bot.  Whether she's a real person or a robot, she's annoying.

Normally, I would be happy to oblige a request for a review.  When I'm dealing with, I often leave feedback as a matter of course.  However, is mostly in German.  They only recently offered the option to read the site in English.  My German is coming along, but it still pretty much sucks.  I don't feel comfortable leaving comments in German and probably couldn't do so easily even if I wanted to.  My keyboard doesn't include German letters.  I could probably leave comments in English, but that also seems wrong.  Besides, it doesn't sit well with me that a seller is *demanding* that I leave feedback and actually has the cheek to request a four or five star rating.  

Left to my own devices, I probably would have given this company four stars.  I wouldn't give them five because it took a couple of weeks for my stuff to get to me.  I am assuming they had it in stock and weren't waiting for it to get to them from a distant source.  However, I am sorely tempted to give them a one star rating with the comment that after you purchase something from them, they will endlessly pester you to rate them on Amazon.  I think that's poor customer service.  One request for a rating or review, okay.  But three or four of them?  Knock it off.

I almost sent Mary an email in English yesterday that simply read, "I don't understand German."  But then I thought better of it because that would have been a lie.  At this point, I do understand rudimentary German and I could make out Mary's pleas for ratings.  I just don't like being nagged about ratings and reviews, especially when I've done a seller a solid by purchasing something from them.  I think if I do write Mary, I'll send her a simple "Please leave me alone."  Or maybe I will go the uncivilized route and say, "Kindly fuck off."

Also ETA: I got another email yesterday, so I wrote to Mary in English and told her to knock it off.  She wrote back and apologized.  

/end rant for now...

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