Sunday, July 17, 2016

Voter shaming...

Today, someone posted this on Facebook.

This kind of shit pisses me off...

Several months ago, I posted a rant about how I hate it when people try to tell me how to vote.  I predicted that this year would be fraught with people bitching about politics.  That's how it always is during a presidential election year.  This year, it's been especially shitty because our two main candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, are extremely polarizing and unpopular.  

I have a lot of friends from every walk of life.  I have many very politically conservative friends and family members who will vote Republican.  I also have a lot of very liberal friends who are all for Hillary.  I happen to be neither very conservative nor liberal.  My vote will probably go to Gary Johnson, as it did in 2012.  I am a firm believer that our political system needs to change.  It will probably not change during my lifetime, but there's no hope that the two party/electoral college system will go away if no one ever bucks the trends.  

A lot of my friends are also considering voting for Gary Johnson.  He's a perfectly reasonable candidate.  Maybe he doesn't have a chance of winning the presidency, but I'd rather see him in office than Trump or Clinton.  So I will most likely vote for him.

But it seems I have several friends who don't think I have the right to choose for myself which candidate should be president.  A number of my left swinging friends have told me that if I don't vote for Hillary, I might as well vote for Trump.  That's bullshit.  A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for a third party candidate.  Moreover, if Hillary Clinton doesn't win, it's not my fucking fault.

The other day, a friend posted this drivel on my feed.  My response was that I'm damned sick and tired of friends offering me unsolicited advice about how I should be voting.  I'm a grown woman, well-educated, capable of making my own decisions, and not in need of "special help".  I know how the election system works in the United States.  I know that my vote will be in the state of Texas, where I strongly suspect Donald Trump will enjoy a victory regardless.

I also think that people have the right to vote their conscience.  If you have respect for your friends, that means you must have some regard for them.  Why would you think you have the right to try to influence their decisions?  Put it this way.  Would you like it if they countered with criticizing you for your choices in candidates this election season?

I see voting for the person I think is best suited for the presidency as a responsibility.  I simply don't think that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are the best candidates for the job.  So I'm going to vote for the person I think is best.  I hope that's okay.  If it's not, tough shit.  Let the chips fall where they may.


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