Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Peepers! Bishops with boundary issues...

Just read a hilarious post on Recovery from Mormonism.  Okay, so maybe it shouldn't have been hilarious.  I think it was just funny because of the way the original poster expressed himself.  He obviously has a great sense of humor.  He could have and probably should have been pretty outraged by what happened to him recently.

According to his post, this fellow has fallen away from Mormonism.  He's gay and lives in Utah, having recently moved back after a decade away.  Since he moved back, he's been getting visits from Mormon missionaries.  They were becoming so intrusive and annoying that he asked the bishop for no more contact since he intends to resign from the church.  The bishop complied with his request at first, but then things got busy and the guy never did formally resign.  So the visits started up again, much to the OP's chagrin.

One night, after a particularly trying day at work, the guy's dogs start barking their heads off.  The guy, who had been sleeping, wakes up and notices someone staring at him through his window.  It's the bishop, standing in the guy's flower bed having a look inside!  So the OP goes out and tells off the bishop, which he had every right to do.  Now he writes that he's embarrassed for being mean to the bishop and yelling at him in front of his neighbors.

I think the story is funny for many reasons.  The main reason it's funny, though, is sort of sad.  Here's a guy who is feeling guilty and embarrassed for telling off a trespasser.  Not only was the bishop trespassing and invading the OP's privacy, but the OP had specifically asked the man for privacy.  The OP had every right to be furious about the intrusion and the lack of respect shown to him.  And yet, he's the one who's ashamed.

Had the OP been a woman and the bishop was peeping in on him, my guess is that he would feel less guilty for telling the guy off.  When it comes down to it, though, the bishop was way out of line.  The OP is not the one who ought to be feeling bad about what happened.  The bishop with boundary issues ought to be the one taking the heat.

From reading this guy's post, I gather that he's a fine individual doing valuable work with young people who need his help.  He works hard and needs to be able to recharge in his own home without some creepy peeper staring at him through his window.  How sad it is that the OP feels bad for justifiably asserting himself.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of "nice" people, a group that includes many members of the LDS church, have been trained not to get angry when they are insulted.  Instead, when they have bad thoughts, they are encouraged to "keep sweet".  One of Bill's ex daughters told me during our one and only meeting that whenever she has "bad thoughts", she hums church hymns.  What kind of mind fuckery is that?  She was just 11 years old at the time.  They really start young with this mental manipulation that trains people to accept abuse from so called authority figures.  It's disgusting.

Honestly, is the bishop any better than Adam Sandler's peeper character?

The OP says "it's time to go to the police".  I would agree and think he should take that step, especially if he continues to get uninvited guests from the church staring at him through his windows.  On a side note, the one time we were visited by Mormons, I noticed the same behavior.  The guy who came over uninvited parked his car in a way that blocked our driveway.  I drove up to the house and had to drive over my lawn to park because the guy was wandering around the house, peeping in the windows.  Although I can't imagine that this type of trespassing is something that Mormons are specifically taught they should be doing, it seems like some of them do have a penchant for peeping and invading other peoples' privacy.  

In other news...

Yesterday, I was stressing about Zane, who had a lump aspirated last week.  I'm happy to report the pathologist says it's just a lipoma.  PHEW.

Bill and I are in a hotel now because we're going to see Van Morrison tonight.  That should make for a fun blog post tomorrow.


  1. Ew!!! What a creepy bishop. Just when I think I've heard it all...

    Thanks for posting this knotty!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I couldn't believe that guy was feeling badly for telling off the bishop. The nerve!


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