Friday, July 22, 2016

Mormon commenter on YouTube thinks he knows about alcohol...

This morning, I found myself on YouTube.  The video below was "suggested" to me.

This lady talks about why she's divorced in a two year old video that has gotten many hits...

Against my better judgment, I read a few of the many comments posted on this video.  One that immediately stuck out to me was this one.

Sorry this is so small, but I did size it to XL...  Incidentally, my father was an alcoholic and he and my mother were married for 56 years.  I will agree, though, that there is fault on both sides.  There almost always is when there's a divorce.

Naturally, this comment set off my Modar, so I went to check out the commenter's YouTube page.  Turns out he's hardcore LDS.  I probably shouldn't have done this, because I know it will invite attention from an obvious troll, but I couldn't resist.

I won't be surprised if I get an indignant response to this.  I don't care, though.  It needed to be said.

Actually, looking at this guy's comments, my guess is that he just enjoys trolling.  He advises to everyone commenting to "Wise up!"  If he tells me to wise up, I'll leave him a link to Recovery From Mormonism, where every day I see new people discovering the truth about the church.  Case in point...  And this one...   And this one...

Now, I happen to be one who thinks people should do what makes them happy.  If being LDS makes you happy and works for your life, more power to you.  But someone who is Mormon most likely knows zilch about alcoholism, unless that person was a drinker or has been around drinkers.  Many Mormons have never touched alcohol and are surrounded by people who don't drink.  They are told by their church leaders that alcohol is forbidden, so a lot of them never touch it.  They have no actual experience with alcohol, but think it's appropriate to go around telling others about how evil it is.  

I realize that in saying this, maybe some will think I'm a hypocrite because I have never been Mormon.  On the other hand, I am married to a man who was LDS and I've seen what he's been through.  I wonder if Mr. Mormon troll can say the same about booze. 

While I would never say drinking alcohol to excess can't be harmful on many levels, I will say that plenty of people are able to drink socially and it's no problem whatsoever.  For some people, alcohol is even medicinal.  For others, it can become addictive.  It really just depends.  People who do become alcoholics aren't necessarily bad people with weak characters, either.  I have learned that it really is a disease caused by a sensitive person's exposure to a chemical that is toxic for them.

As for the lady in the video, I'm not sure what to think.  When marriages break up, there are always three sides to a story.  Anyone giving their version of events is bound to be subjective and they will likely present themselves in the best light possible.  I will say that divorce is very painful.  Again, I haven't experienced it myself, but I did watch Bill go through it.  It hurt him a lot, even though it was absolutely the best thing to do.  I see by a video posted a week ago, she's moved on and is dating.

Sounds like maybe her ex is better, too...

My guess is the Mormon troll on YouTube knows little about life beyond the LDS bubble.  If he's actually serious about what he writes, that is...  I realize he could just be trying to get his jollies.  

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