Friday, July 1, 2016

Looking for love on Craigslist...

I'm going to write a quick post because I have an early appointment with the dental lab today.  We're going to make sure my new tooth looks the part so it'll be ready for installation on Wednesday next week.  I look forward to finally having a tooth there again.

Anyway, since it's Friday and yesterday's post was kind of serious, I think today I will write about something I read about last night.  A 53 year old man from Marietta, Georgia has taken to Craigslist to find himself a woman.  I wouldn't meet his requirements because he's looking for a woman who is "probably size 14 or smaller".  It's been awhile since I was last a 14.  It might be because I'm a drunk.  I know, shame on me.

The Georgia dude who owns a house free and clear and wants to share it also hopes to find a lady with no kids from a prior relationship, no drama, no drugs, and no rap sheet.

He wants his new lady friend, who would live rent free and have her own room and bathroom, to cuddle with him as he watches sports, movies, and HBO.  He's willing to get her a good used car if she doesn't have one.  He'll help her rebuild her credit if she needs him to.  He'll pay for her food, power, garbage, and trade massages with her.

Needless to say, the reactions to this ad are pretty mixed and somewhat hilarious.  I mean, I sort of understand this guy's decision to resort to Craigslist.  The pickings must be slim in Marietta, Georgia.  On the other hand, he could end up with a fruitcake on his hands.  If she doesn't have kids, maybe the fruitiness would be somewhat muted.

Of course, Mr. Bill likewise found me in a most unlikely place.  I get all of the perks the Georgia guy offers and more.  It's a modern age and people are resorting to modern methods to find love.  I guess this fellow is pretty lonely.  I hope he finds a good lady friend, although he might want to ease up on his size restrictions.  To be honest, he may not be attractive to many of the ladies who are smaller than a fourteen.

That being said... it could be that this dude is totally serious and really is just looking for a nice lady to shack up with.  Or, it could be that there's a good reason why he has to resort to Craigslist to find companionship.  I hope if he does arrange something with a woman and she decides to move in with him, all legal protections are in place.  Because if it suddenly doesn't work out, she could find herself on the street.  A situation like that could be a total disaster for both of them.

But hell, I've heard of and even experienced meeting good quality people in strange places, right?  ;-)  Good luck to this dude and anyone else lookin' for love on Craigslist.

I think this is how the old song goes, though...

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