Thursday, July 7, 2016

I know I'm a bitch...

Here I am, admitting it so anyone who has read this rag of a blog can agree with me.  

The last few posts I've written have been a bit edgy.  That's because I have been on edge lately.  I'm not sure where this anxiety comes from, but I do know that it's been a problem my whole life.  So I find myself getting really stressed out over small things and that makes me kind of bitchy.  

But, just in case anyone was wondering, I do realize that I get worked up over things that shouldn't matter.  Really, why does it matter what some dumbass on YouTube says?  That site is crawling with trolls who have more finger power than brain cells.  Actually, upon thinking it over, my guess is that "David" wrote his comment before he actually watched the video and thought I was trashing all veterans.  He probably deleted it when he realized what my comment was actually about.  I still think it's shitty to leave a hair trigger comment without understanding the whole situation, but I guess I can see why that's what he apparently did.  

Why should it matter what kind of craziness one of my random friends on Facebook does on my page?  Why not just delete the offensive folks and be done with it?  Why must I write about these things?  Well, the short answer is because I have to admit that I do get pissed off when people are rude and insulting.  I don't have anyone at home to bitch to about it until Bill gets off work.  When he does get home, he still gets an earful.  But what do I do until then?  That's right!  I write.

It's not lost on me that some people who read this blog must think I'm nuts.  Or maybe they think I'm just boring.  What they think of me shouldn't be my business, but I have to confess that I have an ego, like everyone does.  My ego is probably larger than it should be, too.  Also, writing my blogs keeps me occupied.  Otherwise, I'd spend all day eating bon bons and watching trashy TV.  Oh wait... I do that anyway!

Today is Bill's 52nd birthday.  I'm not sure if he's excited about it.  I gave him his gifts a couple of weeks ago, mainly because he needed them immediately.  I got him some new t-shirts from Eddie Bauer to replace the ones that we wearing out.  I also bought him a snazzy coffeemaker.  It's a 220 volt Moccamaster.  We had one just like it in the States, but left it in storage because it's not dual voltage.

Prior to my coffeemaker purchase, we were using a coffeemaker our landlady brought over when we first moved in.  The one we owned quit working after just a year or so.  So much for German workmanship.  By the way, I know this isn't Earth shattering commentary, except maybe for people who are wanting to buy a coffeemaker.  Just for the record, the Technivorm Moccamasters are worth the money.  They put out superior coffee.

Bill was happy with his gifts, even though they weren't wrapped.  I guess he sees his birthday as just another day.  Next week, we'll probably actually celebrate when we spend two nights in Stuttgart.  We'll catch Van Morrison's concert and my new tooth will be checked over for the last time.  Maybe July 2016 won't suck after all.

I do think, though, that maybe it's time I got a life.


  1. I know where you're coming from. someone let the Mormon missionaries inside our gate last Saturday morning when I had some time off, and they woke me up, then basically propped themselves against my doorbell for two solid minutes straight. They eventually left when I didn't answer, but left a note, which I found when I went out to check the mail hours later. They said they would be back, so I attached a note to my door in case they got inside our gates again, and I called security to complain that they had been let in. My brother found the note that I left and said that anyone who read it would conclude that the person who wrote it was not quite sane. I told him that he would have written something at least as bitchy if he had been woken up after an 18-hour shift.


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