Monday, July 11, 2016

German salsa sucks!

A couple of months ago, Bill and I had company coming over.  I realized as I was preparing some snacks that our American salsa was spoiled and needed to be thrown out.  Since we live pretty far from the commissary, that meant we had no salsa for our tortilla chips.

Bill went to the local grocery store and brought home Fuego, a German brand of salsa.  Having lived in Germany almost four years now, we have come to learn that German interpretations of Mexican food tends to be bizarre.  Germans, as a whole, don't seem to enjoy very spicy food.  Consequently, their versions of Mexican food are weird to Americans and Mexicans.

We never did use the German salsa when our friends were over.  Yesterday, once again, we found ourselves in need of salsa.  It was Sunday and we'd been enjoying some wine, so Bill opened the German salsa.  It was so weird.  It tasted sweet and slightly peppery, like Asian chile sauce.  I didn't think the flavor was really bad, per se.  It's just that it really didn't taste like salsa to me.  It was too sugary and not vinegary enough.

Fortunately, the dish Bill used it in was nachos and he'd loaded them up with guacamole, so I didn't mind too much.  I suppose he should have just made the salsa himself, but we didn't have the stuff on hand for it.  Lesson learned.  We need to keep an extra jar of Pace in the pantry.

Other than their sin of selling the sucky salsa, German grocery stores are pretty good.  I love going there and finding weird stuff marketed as "American".  I usually post about my finds in my travel blog and, in fact, this post probably belongs there too.

Tomorrow night, we're going to check into a hotel in Stuttgart and spend two nights.  The reason we're doing that is because I'm scheduled to have my implant checked for the last time tomorrow in Stuttgart and then on Wednesday, we're going to see Van Morrison.  We live fairly far out from Stuttgart, so I figured it would be better if we just booked a room so we wouldn't have to commute both days.

Unfortunately, Bill has something he has to do tomorrow, so my implant check will probably have to be rescheduled.    Or, I guess I could just go by myself.  The new tooth is perfect, though.  I don't notice it anymore and it looks and functions just like the one it replaced.  It's great to have that hole filled in.  Thank God for technology.

I look forward to the two nights away, even if they are just in Stuttgart.  I am itching for a trip somewhere.  Seems like the urge to travel and see things is even greater when you live in Europe.

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