Sunday, July 31, 2016

Drunken political screeds from family members...

I was going to write about an entirely different topic today.  I had it in my mind that I would get home from France and start writing about something I read the other day that has been on the brain for a few days now.  But then, on my way to our lovely French destination yesterday, I got a scathing email from my uncle.  This uncle has a habit of sending mass emails about politics to everyone in the family, whether or not the family member's political beliefs align with his.  He's in his 70s, so I never say anything to him about the stuff he sends.  However, after yesterday's outburst, I'm thinking maybe I should start responding.  Much of what he writes is utter bullshit and very offensive to boot.

If anyone in my family reads this and is offended, I will simply say "too bad".  If my uncle reads this and is upset, I will simply say, "if you don't want me to share it, don't send it to me."  In fact, I'd be delighted if you took me off your email list because I don't read most of the shit you send and the stuff you do send is not useful.

I had nothing to do with this rant.  I wasn't involved in the discussion.  I didn't even see the original posting that prompted my uncle's response.  My guess is that he wrote this while very drunk.  It's like his brain threw up and poured verbal spew from his fingers.

I'm really glad this was not sent to me personally.  If it had been, I would have responded with a verbal asswhooping, despite the fact that he's my uncle and in his 70s.  Unbelievable.  My cousin, B, is this uncle's son, a former Marine, and gay.  He responded.  I posted his comments below my uncle's rant.

Again... maybe I shouldn't share this, but it was shared with me.  I can't wait until this fucking election is over, though this kind of crap will continue for as long as there are elections.

Damitall, its 2:03 AM and I must reply to B (if you have fallen off the wagon that "education is a high priority in my family at one time" well its time you got back on board!) and AT, but so I make sure they know that they are not as smart as they will be some day, I intend to clear up some of their "stupid".

When I forward emails my intents are to amuse you, inform you, or create a thinking or reflection on your part.  I know all of you, where you came from, and what you have been taught through our family, but I surely don't know where you've been, what you've experienced, nor what mush has been crammed into your skulls. That's unfortunate!  Mainly because the airwaves are alive with disinformation, bias, propaganda, bigotry, racism, and, you place your own adjective.  The subject "Gotta Love the First Lady" was sent to generate a thought process and maybe a reason to learn a little more about "The First Lady".  The First Lady, a "highly educated", lucky as hell, black lady, who, after her husband was nominated to run for president of the Greatest Country, the United States of America, finally admitted that she was finally "proud of her country".  Finally proud of her country.....she did not acknowledge that in her lifetime, and for many lifetimes before her time, American men and women braved difficulties she has never experienced to provide a safe nation where freedom and liberty are the precious attributes known to precious few other location on earth.  But she is a "highly educated" woman, and our "First Lady".  But, not being a black man who suffered the inhumane treatment that many of our black citizens did and still do experience, I'll give her a semi-pass here.  But she, a "highly educated" woman, wife of the President of the United States, should be well aware of reasons for which she was, or could be proud of the USA, but no, not until her husband was the nominee for the highest post in the world.

Now, relative to the article, B, the article, shows quotes, states that none of the Declaration of Independence signatories "were  born American, they became American".  What is her reason for that statement and because we don't know if there was anything else she did or did not say, what would an immigrant take away from that statement?  Knowing how BHO has been apologizing to every two-bit dictatorship around the world for the fact that the USA has continually prevented total chaos among nations...and limited the spread of the German and Japanese languages...,.that anyone from anywhere should have a right to live in the USA simply being a breathing human.  She was, in effect, apologizing to them for the messy paperwork and having to raise their right hand and swear allegiance to the United States they had to endure "just to become a USA citizen".  

    And for you, AT, I applaud your decision to be a teacher.  It is a noble profession.  To be successful you must know the subject to the nth degree, work extra hours to prepare, know your students, demand respect, maintain discipline, always be true, and limit your own bias relative to the subject.  Now, I know that you are smart and know everything and all the mistakes adults have made and where they are "just wrong".  Sweetheart, I love you and always have.  Now listen, your paragraph sounds like a revamp of the old Dr. Spock (google it) book about raising children.  I'm sure that is what the "new" books and ex-60's-counter-culture professors peddle as "the way".  Not to be rude but honey, you're not smart.  In thirty or so years you 2will be because you'll have learned through the school of hard knocks that the touchy-feely niceties don't work.  Sorry 'bout that.  My advice to you would be to listen to all the adults you can, take notes, observe, remember, and use the techniques they offer.

    Don't you love America?  Where else can youngsters go off, get educated, come home and immediately tell the parents where they have been so wrong for so long?  But the young educated listen to kooks who have never had a job where they were required to perform, only to spew platitudes that have no factual basis.  Yeah, but guess who signs the will.

    Here is my take in this exciting campaign season,.....the United States of America is in deep trouble.  The two party system has been exposed for all the cronyism, graft, pay-to play, and total disregard of all us underlings who "don't know better".  Guess what, we learned after getting it jammed down our throats and taken out of our checks while the politicians were dining in luxury with each other, year after year.  Crooked Hillary is such a perfect nickname.  Anyone of us who had been involved in just one of her many scandals would be behind bars beyond child bearing years.  Eh, AT?  And Trump is a shot in the dark, but he, at least, knows how to run a business.  God please help us.  
    My five fears: 1. Crooked Hillary 2. EMP 3. Political Scientists (really an oxymoron) 4. Yellowstone eruption 5. Halley's Comet. 

Why political scientists?  Tell me where politics has any relevance to science.  Can you imagine a curriculum that includes 1. the art of promising 2. Lying with a straight face. 3. How to raise your salary 4. Agencies and how to chum them for money. 5. Uses of the IRS.  6. Benefits that never end  7. How to get the dead vote.  Hey, it is late.  Bye


Continue to prove my point.  I've only heard one other dumber, rambling drunk statement from you and will not elaborate.  

Donald Trump IS NOT A GOOD NOR AN ETHICAL BUSINESSMAN!  He inherited his position and wealth.  His "morality" is non-existent.  4 FOREIGN WIVES, REALLY!  Using our bankruptcy laws to maintain wealth at the expense of the contractors hired but not paid, sending jobs overseas, paying "politicians" for his own gain, promoting torture, saying that he will repeal gay equal rights legislation, etc., etc., etc. Please don't be a hypocrite!  Intelligent debate is one thing, attacking AT  for standing up for her opinion soley because it's not yours is below you.  You are being an ASS!  Stop.

You favorite GAY son,

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