Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another puberty post...

Full disclosure here.  This post is probably way too personal and is going to gross out a few people.  If you don't like talk of menstruation, go elsewhere now.

I've probably already shared this video on my blog before, but I'm going to share it again because I watched it yesterday and it gave me a laugh.

Golly!  Molly is growing up!

I grew up in a time when kids still watched those 50s era instructional films in school.  "Molly Grows Up" is one of those funny films, though I'm not sure if it was shown back in the early 80s, when I first learned about becoming a woman.  I know we watched the films about hygiene and "the death zones" around school buses.  But this one about Molly, I don't know...

I am in the throes of a nasty period right now.  I spotted for a couple of days until Aunt Flow showed up in full force with cramps, bloating, weird food cravings, bitchiness, and my favorite messy part that requires extra loads of laundry.  

For some reason, I thought of the old film "Molly Grows Up" yesterday, as I was lying in bed trying to relax.  What's funny about this film is that it was written by Donald Hatfield, Ph.D.  I'm presuming that Dr. Hatfield was a man (assuming he's dead now) and here he is writing about girls getting their first periods.  

Most of the people in "Molly Grows Up" are female.  One of the stars of the film is Nurse Jensen, a matronly and maternal school nurse who wears starched white uniforms and takes such good care of the students that she invites Molly to come into her office for a throat check.  Everyone is so fascinated by how fast Molly is growing up.  

What's especially funny is that when Molly and her friends ask Nurse Jensen about what they can and can't do while they're ragging, Nurse Jensen says that girls should be sure not to exercise too strenuously while they're menstruating.  And they should be sure to pay more attention to their hair and nails and wear their prettiest dress.  I don't know about my other female friends and family members, but the last thing I want to do is wear my prettiest dress when I'm having a period.  Blood stains!

The nurse also says you can swim when you're having a period, but horsebackriding is out.  I used to ride horses all the time when I had my period.  Swimming, on the other hand, was a no go.  For obvious reasons, I would think it would be common sense not to swim while ragging, but in the film they imply that girls shouldn't swim the first couple of days of their periods because they might catch a "chill" and get sick with a cold.  What utter nonsense.

Then Nurse Jensen has a chance to take Molly's class, where she offers a fascinating discussion about menstruation.  The premise is that the teacher was out sick.  Was the teacher going to be talking about the facts of life?  Somehow, I doubt it.  But there's Nurse Jensen talking about the birds and the bees.   And then she lists all the things the girls shouldn't be doing while they're menstruating.  Apparently, square dancing is too energetic for the average female who's on the rag.

It's hard to believe I was born nineteen years after "Molly Grows Up" was made.  It seems like another world.  Compare that film to this one from 1997...

I think I prefer the 50s version of this talk.  But in my day, we got films from the 70s.

I'm pretty sure this is the one we saw when I was in fourth grade.  I only remember it because of the scene where the girls are swimming.

Time flies when you're ragging... but not fast enough.  

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