Friday, June 24, 2016

The heat is on, a German shooting, and Britain decides to leave the E.U.

Well, it's finally gotten hot here in Germany.  I ended up setting up the air conditioner yesterday and it helps make my office tolerable.  Bill may be picking up another air conditioner for our bedroom tonight because neither of us cares to spend weeks sweating all night.  Summer can be lovely in Europe, but it can also be pretty uncomfortable.  July will probably be sweltering.

In other news, Britain has shockingly voted to leave the European Union.  That's causing quite the stir in Europe and Britain.  Currencies are in flux as people around the world wait to see how this will affect everything.  Our stocks finally started to rebound after the winter.  I bet they take another plunge.  Some of my British friends seem pretty upset about the news.  I know a couple have also applied for citizenship in the E.U.

Yesterday, there was a shooting in Viernheim, a town between Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Germany.  We live a couple of hours away from Frankfurt, but that didn't stop people from asking if we were somehow affected by the shooting.  We weren't this time.  When we lived here in 2009, there was a school shooting in Winnenden, which is close to Stuttgart and affected us more personally.  Sixteen people died in that incident, including the 17 year old perpetrator.

The gunman who opened fire yesterday was killed after shooting in a cinema.  He reportedly took several people hostage, though no one else was hurt.  Apparently, the guy was not a terrorist; he was a "confused" individual.  Whatever he was, he's now dead.  Homicide is very rare in Germany, although it has one of the highest weapons per head rates in the world.  However, anyone under age 25 who wishes to purchase a weapon must undergo a psychiatric evaluation that includes anger management and personality tests.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid there will be more violence as time passes.  The world seems to be changing and not in a good way.  I do feel safer here than I do in the United States, though.

I'm glad it's time for the weekend.  Birthday week went by quickly and pretty soon it'll be July, which is rapidly becoming my least favorite month of the year.  On the other hand, it would be hard for July 2016 to suck as much as July 2014 did.  And at least next month, we get to see Van Morrison play.  That will be fun!

So... as June winds down, I will pray that July won't suck balls.  Maybe later, I'll have something more to bitch about.



  1. The idea of a psychiatris evaluation for anyone under 25 before allowing them to own firearms seems wise.

    I would have hated to live in the world before someone invented air conditions.

    1. When I was a kid, we had no central air in our house in Virginia. Summers were hell.

      The worst summer I spent was in Armenia. No power and no air conditioning... it got hot as hell there! I remember being so hot that I couldn't stand to wear clothes.


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