Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Redneck Woman...

You know the song, right?

Gretchen Wilson sings a live version of her song, "Redneck Woman".

For some reason, as I'm sitting here on a sunny late June morning, I am reminded of a huge country hit by Gretchen Wilson.  I never really got into her music, even though I admire her big voice.  I don't think we've heard much from her lately, but I could be wrong.  I no longer have my finger on the pulse of music like I used to.  

Anyway, about ten years ago, I used to sing karaoke all the time at our local officer's club.  The KJs were a nice couple who enjoyed country music.  The male half of the duo could not sing at all, but every Friday night, we could count on hearing him wail Bob Seger's "Turn the Page".  Sometimes, he'd make requests of me and ask me to sing certain songs.  For instance, he was a fan of "Sin Wagon" by The Dixie Chicks.  I was happy to oblige when he requested that one.  He also liked "Traveling Soldier" by The Dixie Chicks.

One song he often requested that I could not and would not do is "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson.  It's not that I didn't recognize it as a well-loved hit.  It's not even that I didn't get the song's appeal to a certain demographic.  It's just that I could not relate to the song, at all.

I grew up in a place where there were many proud rednecks.  I had a number of friends who self identified as rednecks.  Sorry, though, I am not a redneck.  I couldn't be one if I tried.  I couldn't do a convincing job singing "Redneck Woman".  Aside from that, while I'm not averse to shouting a good "Hell yeah!" in public, I don't shop at WalMart for anything, let alone lingerie.  It's not even that I'm particularly fussy about my undergarments.  I like plain old cotton undies and bras.  But I wouldn't buy them at a discount store.

I would drink beer all night, but I also love Champagne.  And I don't buy the cheap stuff that is sweet.  That's not really Champagne.  The beer I drink is also not American watery brew, either.  

I have no baby to put on my hip, though I like being barefoot.  And I like Skynyrd, too...  

I just can't relate to "Redneck Woman", even though I don't look down on redneck women.  Many of them are fun to hang out with.  They tend to be fairly genuine folks and I appreciate that more than anything else in a person.  But it's just not me.  Redneck women tend to be simple and uncomplicated country girls who stay in one place and don't do a lot of book reading.  They don't usually care much about grammar or museums or performing arts.

That being said, I have to admit enjoying "Redneck Girl" by The Bellamy Brothers.

But I don't relate to this song, either...  It's just not me, even though I grew up around the type.

Just another random early morning thought before I take my dogs for their daily stroll around the neighborhood...



  1. I didn't really grow up around any rednecks, though I've met a few through my Godparents, who own dairies. My Godfather is Portuguese, so his relatives, while they're not all terribly classy, aren't really rednecks. Some of their neighbors (with "neighbor" being a rather loose interpretation as I don't think anyone other than the head milker in their nearest dairy lives within two miles of them) are definite rednecks. I've learned to sprinkle my conversation with expletives when it is convenient, but I'm not otherwise qualified to be a redneck.

    1. Bill's family is chock full of rednecks on his dad's side.


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