Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Payment failure!

Have you ever gotten email that was intended for someone else?  I have.  It used to happen a lot on my first Hotmail account after I changed my name.  I'd get emails intended for people whose names happen to start with the same letter as mine does and had the same last name.

It happens less often on the Hotmail account I use now.  However, for the past three days, I've been getting emails from Club Ready.  I have no idea what Club Ready is, but they keep sending me "payment failure" emails addressed to some guy named John.

Here's today's email.

Hello John!

We tried to run the scheduled payment detailed below and unfortunately the charge could not be processed. 
$9.95 for General Dues (no tanning) Monthly - Converted charged to credit card ending with 6120 (payment due date is 6/5/2016 - this is the 3 attempt)

We will try to run this charge again automatically. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can update your payment method on file. 
I have a feeling this is an automated email system.  I have sent two emails asking them to cease and desist, but I doubt anyone human monitors their inbox.  So I keep getting these emails from Club Ready and suddenly feel nostalgia for the days when humans were in charge of billing.

I'm not John, dammit, and I don't want to keep getting reminders for his $9.95 monthly dues at Club Ready (because he doesn't tan).  But at least they don't call me.  When we lived in Georgia, I used to get phone calls from bill collectors looking for the woman who either used to have my number or randomly gave it to people.  I remember having to have daily conversations with these folks, trying to convince them that I was neither the person they were looking for nor did I know her personally.

It must be very frustrating to be a bill collector, which is probably why companies use these worthless automated emails.  It's also frustrating to be on the receiving end of wrong email addresses and phone numbers.  

Ah well...  Maybe later I will think of something substantial to write.  For now, I'm going to dwell on how much I hate having seasonal allergies.  I keep sneezing like a banshee.  


  1. My parents get bills at their current address from multiple random sources for a woman who never lived there. My parents are only the third owners/ residents of their home, and she was not one of the previous residents. The bills are from something like "Hair Club for Men," a subscription to TV Guide that is not delivered to my parents' address, and the United Cerebral Palsy Fund. My parents just scrawl "not at this address" and leave the letters for the post man.


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