Saturday, June 18, 2016

Papa Smurf strikes again...

Fair warning.  I'm in a bit of a mood today, so there will be a lot of profanity in this post.

Yesterday, a trifecta of annoying Facebook "friends" assaulted my page with their stupid bullshit.  The most annoying of them was a guy I often refer to as "Papa Smurf".  I often call him that because he sometimes goes into daddy mode and lectures people.  He's done it to me a few times and it often annoys my other friends, most of whom are grown ups who don't take kindly to having other adults talk to them like they're kids.

Anyway, the post that prompted Papa Smurf to begin his sanctimonious moralizing was this one...  My only comment was that Pat Robertson needs to be committed.  I didn't make any mention of what the author of the article was claiming.  I think Pat Robertson says a lot of stupid things and gets more and more ridiculous with every year.  He needs to have his platform retired.  That's all.

I woke up this morning to find that he and another friend had kind of "gone at it" about the content of the article I linked, which I will admit was rather sloppily written and researched.  Even if what Papa Smurf was saying made sense, the tone of his comments pissed me off.  I thought about responding to him, but decided not to because he was the third asshat to take me on yesterday and I wasn't in the mood to argue.

What makes these people think anyone cares about their preaching?  Why do they feel entitled to go on other peoples' Facebook pages and do that shit?  If you want to preach and moralize, do it on your own goddamn page.

I got a comment from ...tom... yesterday, too.  As usual, I responded with profanity.  I told him to fuck off and go shit in his hat.  For once, he didn't respond.  One of my friends, enjoyed my response, though.  She congratulated me.


Bill and I are going to the Army Ball tonight.  I have a long dress, but I don't plan to wear it because it needs to be hemmed and the fabric is too heavy for summer.  I will wear a short dress instead.  Hopefully, no one will stare, but I have seen my share of fashion faux pas at Army events.  I doubt it will matter.  I just like seeing Bill in his dress uniform.

This is exactly what we'll look like tonight.  I hope people can take it.


  1. I don't like that Papa Smurf guy.

    You and the Lt. Col. will be most elegant.


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