Monday, June 6, 2016

New comment policy...

Every once in awhile, I get comments on my blog posts.  That's fine.  I like it when people leave feedback.  Most of the comments I get on my blog are basically respectful and I appreciate that.

What I don't like is getting spam or troll comments.  I do get a lot of spam, and lately I've been getting some trolling comments, too.  So I'm changing my comment policy, if only to spare my own sanity.

From now on, I will close comments on any post that repeatedly attracts spam comments.  Generally speaking, those are likely to include any posts in which I have discussed a business of some sort.  For some reason, cosmetic dentists and plumbers seem to have the most people spamming blog posts. They usually target old posts, probably hoping I won't notice.  I check for new comments several times a day.  If you leave a comment with a link to a business, your comment will be deleted.  If you come back and repost it, I will close comments.

I will delete and/or close comments if they turn into personal attacks against me, my husband, or another commenter.  I see this blog as "my house".  If you insult me or my husband, I will show you the door.  

I will also close comments anytime someone leaves repeated nonsense trolling comments designed to be upsetting.  I will be especially strict on any posts about true crimes, particularly those that are violent in nature.  Don't try to be cute and funny on posts about rape or murder.  If you write a comment on a true crime post that is in egregiously poor taste, it's likely that your comment will be deleted and/or I will not allow new comments.   

I would like to keep my comment sections open and mostly unmoderated for now, but I'm not willing to tolerate people who are selling their crap or getting their jollies by being provocative on my blog.  All I'm asking for is for people to show basic respect and a sense of decorum.  

If you find a post you wish to comment on and I have turned off commenting, feel free to hit me up on Facebook and we can discuss it.  It might be better to simply link the post and comment there. 


  1. My cousin is a chiropractor. His wife spends the greater portion of her waking hours spamming blog sites if anything remotely connects to the art of chiropractic. She has six children under the age of ten who mostly fend for themselves while their mother is on her phone.

    1. That is pathetic. I know advertising is expensive, but do spammers really expect people to patronize a business they found in a spam comment? Most of the Web sites referenced aren't even fully developed.


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