Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Madame Knowitall...


Yesterday kind of went to shit sometime during the afternoon.  I was watching Desperate Housewives and suddenly got the urge to drink wine.  I probably felt like having wine due to a scene involving Lynette getting drunk.  So I got some wine and started drinking, then had chicken with Bill.  Somehow, we got on the topic of my family and I got really upset.

I've been feeling really stressed out lately over a number of things not really related to my relatives, unless you want to talk about heredity and health issues.  So, the combination of drinking wine, being anxious, talking about my relatives, and being annoyed about other things led me to a minor meltdown.

I don't really want to write too much about my meltdown because it's kind of embarrassing.  What I do want to write about is an incident that occurred prior to the meltdown.  I belong to a Space A group on Facebook.  Space A, for those who don't know, is basically a cool privilege extended to veterans that allows them and their "dependents" the chance to take military flights for next to nothing.  Bill and I have flown Space A three times and it's a lot of fun.  The Facebook group is also fun, mainly because sometimes there's drama.

Anyway, yesterday someone asked about finding ways to get from Mildenhall Air Force Base in England to Italy.  They were likely hoping for Space A flights, but also asked about local airports.  I mentioned that Norwich Airport is an option from Mildenhall.

Some "knowitall" promptly "corrected" me by saying that flights out of Norwich tend to be expensive and that Stanstead Airport is a better option.  My response, which was admittedly a little prickly, was that Norwich was not more expensive a few months ago.  I specifically looked at Stanstead when we were traveling in England because I had used it on an earlier flight to England.  I figured it would be easier and cheaper for us to fly out of the area from there.  But I could not make it work for the dates we were traveling.  It was either insanely expensive or the travel times were way too long.  

When I was planning our trip to Scotland and England, I hadn't even considered Norwich.  In fact, I didn't even know that airport existed.  When I saw it as an option, I looked into it and found an inexpensive KLM flight to Amsterdam that had an agreeable flight time.  From Amsterdam, you can pretty much go anywhere you want.  So that was the basis of my comment.  I honestly thought it was a helpful suggestion, but clearly it wasn't.

My explanation...  she sort of acquiesced after my last comment.

I mean... nice that you live in England and all, but that doesn't make you a fucking expert on the costs and scheduling of flights, does it?  Even if it's true that a flight out of Stanstead would be cheaper and more convenient, what's wrong with offering another option?  It could turn out that Norwich is a better choice, even though they shittily make you pay an extra 10 GBP to get through security.  I swear, sometimes when I try to help people, I come away sorry for the effort.

Sorry.  I'm in kind of a bad mood this morning.  I probably ought to go back to bed.  


  1. Everyone has a bad day once in awhile. you shouldn't feel guilty. The input from Ms. Knowitall would get old really fast. I don't do well with "trust me" sorts of people who just expect others to take their word for everything.

    1. Yeah, especially when you don't even know them personally. How was I supposed to know she lives in England? And even if she does, how does that make her an expert on the prices of flights to the Continent? I live on the Continent and can look up fares with the best of 'em.

    2. By the way, Mr. Bill bought me flowers yesterday. They were half dead, but it's the thought that counts, right?

    3. Yes, she's a world-renowned expert on prices of flights to the continent. People in England somehow get superior information to what everyone else gets even if they're looking at identical websites. Funny how that works out.

      In my opinion, it is the thought that counts.

      I'm not sleeping well. I slept from when I got home at 6:20 until just after 9:00, then ate something and slept again until 2:45 or so. I need to be at the hospital in another half hour, but then I'll be off for an amazing 48 hours. They won't usually give us 48 consecutive hours.


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