Monday, June 6, 2016

Like father, like son...

Yesterday, I wrote about disgraced rapist and former Stanford University athlete, Brock Allen Turner.  Today, I'm going to write about Brock's father, Dan, who sent Judge Aaron Persky a letter pleading for lenience in his son's sentence.  Dan Turner's letter was posted on Twitter by Michelle Dauber,  a Stanford University law professor who helped draft new procedures for penalizing sexual violence at the university.

Dan Turner clearly has very high regard for his high achieving son.  He's very concerned for the young man, who has apparently been very distressed over the prospect of spending time in the big house.  Turner cites his son's formerly large appetite for food, which has dwindled down to nothing in the wake of his arrest.  Turner claims his son is no longer "happy go lucky" and now only "eats to live".  Brock Turner no longer has an appetite for rib-eye steaks or chips.  Turner concludes that probation is the most appropriate punishment for Brock, since he's never been in trouble before and can offer so much by sharing his story.

And then the kicker...  Dan Turner writes:

“[Brock's sentence] is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life,”

Is he fucking kidding?

Does Dan Turner even have a thought for the unconscious woman his son raped?  Would he be writing the same letter had he been the father of the victim?  I can understand being a parent who is devastated over having a rapist for a son.  I'm sure Dan Turner had many dreams for his boy.  But does he not have a scintilla of empathy for the woman who endured 20 minutes of sexual assault perpetrated by his drunken asshole athlete son?  Where did he learn that it's okay to hurt women?

Sorry... I have to slip into self-righteous open letter mode now...  Bear with me.

Here's a thought, Dan-o.  The woman your son raped has been through hell and will continue to go through hell thanks to your son's lack of self-control and those "insignificant" twenty minutes of violent behavior in his twenty years of life.  Your son had an appetite for power and violence that he indulged in January 2015.  Yes, he was drunk; but alcohol didn't rape that woman; your son did.  

Brock had a bright future and I can see you're upset that his future has been ruined.  But it's entirely your son's fault that his future is not going to be what it could have been.  While I don't generally like to blame adults for the way other adults behave, I have to wonder what you taught him when he was a child.  Where did he learn that he had the right to get snot slingin' drunk and sexually assault unconscious women?  Where did he get that sense of extreme entitlement?

Based on your letter, I can easily see where that attitude of extreme entitlement comes from.  Clearly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  

Your son got a shockingly light sentence for what he did.  Yes, he is now a convicted sex offender and that will affect the rest of his life, poor baby.  But in six months, he'll be out of jail and free to rape again.  His victim will have to live the rest of her life remembering her ordeal at the hospital and the court room.  She will have to live with the physical, emotional, and mental consequences of being a rape victim.  Anyone who loves her, including future spouses and children, will also deal with the aftereffects of those twenty minutes of violence you seem to think are so insignificant.

Regular readers of my blog know that I tend to have a lot of empathy for men.  I know that sometimes they can end up being falsely accused of violence.  I know this because my husband has lived that reality.  Your son was caught red handed raping an unconscious woman!  We know for sure that he's guilty!  

Even though poor little Brock is going to spend the rest of his life branded a sex offender and his career at Stanford and run at the Olympics are now over, your son still has the rest of his life to redeem himself and turn into a marginally decent human being.  Sadly, with parents who are so ready to excuse him for being a violent monster and enable his bad behavior, it's likely he will victimize someone else.  I only hope that young women are watching the news and remembering Brock's name and face.  They need to stay the hell away from him.  He's bad news.  

The world is full of mixed up, confused, depressed, anxious young people who are struggling.  The vast majority of them don't deal with those feelings by raping unconscious people by Dumpsters.  Your son had every advantage and could have had the wonderful life you obviously envisioned for him.  He screwed up and showed us all how very poor his character is.  Your very self-centered, unempathetic, shockingly inhumane letter defending him shows that he very likely got his poor character from his father.   Shame on you.  And shame on Judge Aaron Perskey for giving a piece of shit rapist six months in jail.  I predict he'll be making a return trip before too long and Daddy will blame his boy's criminal behavior on the stress of jail and life as a convicted sex offender.

It's just sickening.


  1. what the father said is bullshit of the most offensive kind. Even had there been a shred of validity to it, however, so offender still should have served substantial prison time if only to present as a deterrent to others contemplating the same crime. I say that knowing there is no consensus regarding prsion sentences as deterrents. i still think we owe it to our would-be victims to use stiff sentences to deter crime. If one rape is prevented by someone else knowing of th harsh realities of Brock Turner's prison life, it is well worth it. Even if not one would-be rapist is deterred, I'm still fine with it.

    As a victim of a sexual assault that was not a consummated rape (though not for lack of trying), I'm offended to the point of literal nausea by the words of the perpetrator's father. Perhaps he or a close member of his family should endure twety monutes of what he's trying to write off as a single bad act in a life of otherwise unblemished character. P.S. I'm not buying THAT, either. Whether it was Other sexual assaults, theft, vandalism, cheating, or whatever, i'd bent my violin that Brock just hasn't been caught yet, or if he was, the offense was expunged from his record because he was not yet 18 when he committed prior acts.

    1. You are exactly right. I read that man's letter and it just reeked of someone who makes excuses. If he and his wife had done their jobs as parents, maybe their son wouldn't be out raping unconscious women and they wouldn't be making lame excuses for him.


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