Monday, June 27, 2016

Insulting ...tom...

I have blogged about ...tom... a few times already, but I see that he fascinates people.  Since he's so fascinating and enjoys the attention, I figure I'll blog about him again.  He truly is an interesting character.  I could probably spend a lot of time psychoanalyzing him.  There's got to be a reason why he behaves like such an idiot all the time.

I will admit that yesterday I posted a status update as a means of baiting him.  I knew he'd respond and he didn't disappoint.  While Bill and I were out and about, I asked him if he thought I was "nice". Bill said he thinks I'm nice to those who deserve it.  So I posted about it on Facebook, knowing that ...tom... would have something snarky to say.

This is the discussion so far...

Some of my "real friends" have been watching this spectacle with interest.  More than one person has asked why I don't block ...tom...  A couple of people have supplied me with clever memes to use when he's being a dick (which is pretty much all the time).  But most of all, I think my friends enjoy the show as ...tom... curiously continues to harass me with his stupid comments.  It's like dealing with a six year old who's been deprived of attention for too long.

If anything, ...tom... gives me a reason to come up with creative insults, much like some Scots did when Donald Trump came to Scotland and made a stupid gaffe about Brexit.  I could take the time to sit here and invent all sorts of colorful ways to be abusive.  I never post on ...tom's... page, by the way.  He goes out of his way to post on mine and be as annoying as possible.  It makes me wonder if his mommy didn't love him enough when he was growing up.

But, in reality, the best thing to do is probably just go ahead and kick him off my page.  I hate to do that.  I don't enjoy blocking people.  It still may be the best thing to do, though, even though he gives me things to write about.  It's better if I write about annoying people in the news, isn't it?  On the other hand, people are interested.  Yesterday's post is performing quite respectably hits wise.  People love a good fool.




  1. He's certainly a very good fool. It's nice to have the power to unfriend such an ass even if you don't choose to exercise it.

    1. Yeah. I have yet to run into anyone who finds him entertaining.


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