Sunday, June 26, 2016

"I ain't unfriending"...

A few days ago, I shared an article I read about how Confederate flags are somewhat popular in Italy. I was interested in the article because I had seen Confederate flags at an Italian truck stop last December.  One of my Facebook friends is Italian and had explained that many people from southern Italy identify with the flag, even if they might not understand why it's controversial in the United States.

Spotted in an Italian truck stop near Switzerland.

A bunch of my left leaning friends commented on the story and it very soon devolved into a discussion about whether or not the Civil War was about slavery.  My Italian friend, who happens to be very well-educated, got into a disagreement with another friend who insisted that the war was entirely about slavery.  Other posters joined in, mostly Americans with liberal proclivities and a lot of shame over America's history with slavery.

I posted the article Wednesday and the discussion is still going.  At a couple of points, it got a bit prickly, but I have mostly stayed out of it until yesterday morning, when I was tiring of the ongoing debate.  I wrote:

"Funny how this devolved into an argument about the Civil War when I was just interested in the flag's presence in Europe and have actually seen it displayed in Italy."

I wrote that because originally the topic had been about the flag's presence in Italy and why Italians and other Europeans embrace it.  It turned into a debate about the Civil War and racism.  Everybody ignored my comment until we got input from ...tom...

I recently told ...tom... to fuck off for the umpteenth time.  That's what I do whenever he enters a discussion in a way that is offensive.  He is often offensive because he seems to get off on it.  But anyway, he wrote this...

" Funny how this devolved into an argument about the Civil War when I was just interested in ... "


" ... but by 'something' of a scholar do you mean a PhD historian with many publications in peer-reviewed journals, or a self appointed one? "

another ...drolllol... Cause you can not have an opinion worth listening to if you aint . . . *sniff* . . . 'published'.

#PassiveAggressive much..??

The first part of his comment was a quote from me.  The second part refers to something my Italian friend wrote to another friend who said that he was "something of a Civil War scholar".  ...tom..., who had not been part of the discussion, chimed in with his typical stupidity and snark.  So my response to that was...

"Fuck off and die, ...tom... :D. (_!_)"

I figure it was appropriate.  He keeps coming back for more.  And he responded...

"Always such a warm and loving response . . ..

I aint unfriending . . .feel free to do so if you wish to.


Okay... so I take this to mean that he is offended when I tell him to fuck off and invites me to unfriend him (as if I need him to invite me to do that).  But he's not going to unfriend me.  He's going to try to drive me to do it.  Well, isn't that just dandy?  It's actually kind of abusive, if you think about it.  Bill's ex wife used to do something similar.  She'd tell Bill he didn't love her and would eventually leave her.  He swore he wouldn't, so she kept doing more and more things to upset him.  Her behavior grew more and more outrageous until finally, her prediction that he would leave came true.

My guess is that ...tom... doesn't necessarily like it when I tell him to fuck off.  I mean, he seeks a reaction and attention, but he'd rather I take him seriously.  But he refuses to disengage or unfriend because he wants me to be the one to sever the relationship.  I may do that at some point, but I thought it would be fun to play with him.  So I wrote...

What makes you think I'd want to do that?

I got no answer from ...tom..., though my Italian friend wrote...

"Tom, you are like a child, you walk into someone else's conversation, but you have no frame of reference. Shut the fuck up, Tom."

He got likes from people who were enjoying the spectacle, but not commenting.  I suppose I'll keep ...tom... around for comic relief.  And so I can keep telling someone to fuck off without feeling guilty about it.


  1. Tom is not even fit to be a douche.

    The confederate flag observation is interesting. The significance of symbols is quite relative. What might be offensive in one setting isn't in another. It odesn't seem that those who display the confederate flag in Italy have reacist motives, nor does it seem from what you've written that it is understood as racist by those who see it. sometimes a symbol'soriginas aren't terribly relevant.

    I'm not quite sure what tom's point was.


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