Thursday, June 9, 2016

Golden converts with golden hair and checkered pasts...

RfM never ceases to be a font of fascination for me.  Yet again, I've found another blog topic by reading the messageboard there.  Today's true crime discussion comes in the form of sisters.  Twin sisters, to be exact.  37 year old identical twins Alison and Ann Dadow were beautiful women who were well-known in Florida for running a successful yoga studio.  They opened their studio in Palm Beach back in 2008 with no funding and no business plan.  Their business thrived and they decided to open a second location in West Palm Beach.

Then, in 2014, the twins suddenly decided to close the yoga business and move to Utah, where they evidently decided to become Mormon converts.  The yoga community in Florida was shocked and saddened by their disappearance.  They had a real following in Florida and no one seemed to know why they decided to move.  However, they allegedly left without paying the yoga teachers they had employed.  Another yoga business never got off the ground in Utah.  The sisters, who both drove Porsche Boxters, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

Trouble continued and the women were having multiple issues with law enforcement.  In January 2014, the sisters spent an evening at a Utah restaurant and had an altercation with the owner.  They threatened to get the Mafia to kill her.  When the police later found the sisters, their car had slid into a ditch and the women refused to admit that they'd been drinking.  They fought with each other while the cops arrested them.  Ann Dadow fought the officer who arrested her and told him to fuck off.  She got an assault on a peace officer charge added to the disorderly conduct and public intoxication charges both sisters got.

Next thing we know, Alison and Ann had fled to Hawaii, where things really got weird.  At around 5:00pm on May 29, 2016, Alison Dadow purposely drove a brand new white Ford Explorer off a cliff.  Ann Dadow, who had been sitting in the front passenger seat and was observed fighting with her twin as Alison drove, was killed in the crash.  Somehow, Alison, who had apparently changed her name to Alexandria Duval, managed to escape the wreck with minor injuries.  Ann had also changed her name to Anastasia Duval.  Twice Alison tried to escape Hawaii and go back to the mainland.  She has now been charged with murder and a judge refuses to grant bond because she has been deemed a flight risk.  Edited to add, I understand the charges will be reduced.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a comment on this blog taking issue with a statement I made in my review of a book about Martin MacNeill.  The commenter was a former Mormon bishop who was upset that I think the LDS church has a tendency to attract converts from the ranks of the seriously troubled.  Well, if Ann and Alison Dadow aren't excellent examples of seriously troubled Mormon converts, I don't know who are.  This story is absolutely bananas.

According to commenters in the know on RfM, the sisters had sought out Mormon missionaries, which would have made them "golden converts".   Bill and his ex were golden converts, too.  You can see how that turned out, right?  Although I have heard that people who seek out missionaries from the LDS church are highly prized, it seems to me that they are even more likely to turn out to be somewhat fucked up.  Although I can't certainly say that everyone who voluntarily seeks membership in the LDS church has issues, the odds seem to indicate that they often do.  Sometimes they are mentally unstable or looking for opportunities to scam.  Alison and Ann Dadow, former yoga gurus, certainly seem like they were hoping to scam some good Mormon folks, but clearly they weren't all that devout in their convictions.

It seems strange to me that such troubled women could have run a successful yoga business.  Yoga seems like such a peaceful activity.  They were clearly good at yoga and helping people be at peace with their bodies.  And yet, look at how they've turned out.  One twin has been killed by the other, who is now sitting in a jail cell and will probably end up in a prison.  That doesn't seem very peaceful to me.

On the other hand, maybe they would have fit right in in Utah.  Apparently, it now has the highest rate of mental illness in the United States.  Go figure.


  1. I cannot for the life of me understand why any church or organization of any kind would voluntarily be associated with these wack jobs.

    1. Well, they were very pretty and had a successful business at one point. And twins are novel.

  2. I don't really think they were all that pretty j(ust my opinion; They were striking and very blonde.I suppose I understand, even with their checkered past, why people were taken in by them in the past, though I wonder about their demeanor and its suitability to the calm, zen aura of yoga, if they couldn't even ride in a car together without having arguments that turned physical. The whole case is strange.

    1. It's a very strange case. And they are/were flashy. I think, among normal folks, they were pretty.


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