Monday, June 20, 2016


Today is my birthday.  It's already gotten off to a shitty start.  Last night, Zane started drooling for no apparent reason.  I looked in his mouth and didn't see anything alarming, though he does have a lot of tartar.  But anyway, I got all upset because I'm already worried about him sprouting what are probably lipomas but could end up being something more sinister.  I feel like I always have him at the vet's office.  He seems to be drooling less today (except for when I was eating breakfast), but I still need to get him in.  I don't want to do it today.  I already have to go to Stuttgart to the dental lab so they can pick out the right color for my new implanted tooth.

Next, when I went downstairs to wash my sheets and get a cup of coffee, I started coughing so hard that it made me feel nauseous.  So I spent several minutes dry heaving phlegm.

Then, as I was walking back upstairs, I realized that I'm 44 today and that means I've probably already lived over half my life.  It's been a life fairly well lived, at least.

A year ago, I was in Haarlem and Amsterdam with Bill.  I had enjoyed my first space cake and wasn't worried about my dogs, who are both probably fine anyway.

Hopefully, the day will continue on a more positive path.  Bill has plans to take me out to Osteria da Gino, which is a favorite restaurant in the next town.

Maybe later, I will rant about something.  Right now, I think I'll stew over Zane's drool.


  1. Happy birthday! people are living longer and longer these days. You may not even have reached the halfway point. I agree that the dog should probably be able to drool for one more day. Since you already have one appointment, his can wait at least a day.

    1. Yeah. My granny lived to be almost 101. I may have more years ahead of me. I kind of hope I don't, though. It's likely that I'll be alone when I get really old.


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