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Causes of death in the USA...

Yesterday, a conservative friend of mine from high school posted this ridiculousness...

Notice there are no sources listed, so these numbers could have been pulled out of someone's ass.

According to Snopes, these claims are only partially accurate.  However, when I look at a list of how people die and one of the reasons listed is Accident (unintentional), I have to wonder how seriously I should take the list.  Who has an accident on purpose?  Isn't it a given that an accident is unintentional?  

I see "murder by gun" is at the bottom of the list while abortion is at the top.  Clearly, the people who originally made this list on are pushing an agenda.  At the bottom of the list at the original source for this meme, there's a link.  Click it, and you'll find yourself reading a Christian testimonial.  

Many Christians are against gun control and are pro life, which is really the crux of what this meme is about.  Their message seems to be, "Give us our guns and keep having babies, even if we don't want to help support the new babies with decent, affordable, accessible healthcare, quality education that is available to everyone, and enough jobs that pay enough to make raising said babies feasible."  Pray, pay, and obey.    

I decided to share the meme myself because I knew some of my friends would laugh at it.  My old "friend" ...tom..., who is apparently also very conservative, was the lone person who seemed to take it seriously.  This was his comment.

When I first saw this image/meme ...I assumed it was addressing the recent "murder by gun" hysteria.

The last year of reported abortion statistics by the CDC is 2012. Not sure how anyone could speak authoritatively to any of these numbers for 2016.

That said ...there were 699K-plus abortions in 2012 ...not including numbers from the heavily populated state of California. That number ...divided by two and a bit ...would still put abortion at or near the top of this list.


My response was, "So?"

Do right wingers ever stop to think about what the world would be like if those 700,000 abortions in 2012 ...tom... writes about never happened?  Really!  That's a whole lot of new people being born in a world that already sucks.  700,000 new human beings needing clothing, shelter, medical care, and parents with work that pays enough to support them.  700,000 more people-- in 2012 alone-- consuming the world's limited resources.  Maybe we have enough room on the Earth to accommodate them, but do we have enough resources?  Do we have enough people out there who care enough about other people to help take care of all of these new babies, some of whom will not be born healthy?  And if there were really 700,000 additional babies being born every year (in the United States alone!), how long can the Earth accommodate them?

Now, I have said before that I am no fan of abortion.  I personally find it horrifying.  However, I have yet to meet a single person who remembers being in the womb.  I have, on the other hand, met plenty of people who have really struggled in life.  While I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for people to struggle a bit, I also don't think it's for anyone else to decide how much is too much for another person.   Having a baby can be a joyful experience for some women.  For others, it can be disastrous for them, as well as their child.

I also don't think pregnant women who don't want to be pregnant should be forced to stay pregnant, especially in a country where healthcare is not really accessible or affordable to everyone.  For some reason, it seems like the people who are most vehemently pro life are men.  They will never have to deal with the experiences or risks of being pregnant and, a lot of times, they aren't the ones dealing with the aftermath of pregnancy.

Adoption is a good option for those who can stand to do it.  On the other hand, adoption can come with its own horrors.  It's not such an easy thing for a woman to give her child up to someone else, even if she never wanted to be pregnant.  Those who can do it and want to do it are to be commended.  But those who can't shouldn't be condemned.  Adoption is also a hard option.  Giving a baby up for adoption often means spending a lifetime wondering where that child is and wondering how he or she is doing.  Being pregnant is risky.  Even though medical science has come a long way, women do still develop health problems in pregnancy and can die in childbirth.   

While many adopted children grow up happy and loved, some adopted children really have a difficult time.  I know this is purely anecdotal, but one case in point is Bill's ex wife.  She was adopted and her mother later had biological kids.  She grew up thinking she didn't "rate" because she wasn't her mother's biological daughter.  Moreover, her mother apparently allowed her stepfather to abuse her so he'd leave the bio kids alone.  I am not at all trying to imply that this scenario occurs in every family with adopted kids.  I know several other people who were adopted and had good experiences.  But I will also say that many of the adopted people I know also grew up wondering about their origins.  That's tough on them as well as their biological parents, who may or may not want to be "found" later on.    

As I was writing this, ...tom... came back with this comment.


If your intended point was to poke fun at the numbers . . .well, the numbers have some validity.

If your intent was simply to "spread bullshit" . . .not sure you really succeeded. Perhaps a more thorough explanation of what you find to be "bullshit" would be helpful.

' who struggled mightily to not reply ' so what..?? ' . . .but suspected Jenny was up for a thoughtful exchange . . .. '

To which I wrote,

No, not really. I shared this because it is clearly bullshit and I felt like having a laugh among friends. If you don't agree, that's your prerogative. And, as I have told you before, I have "thoughtful exchanges" with people who approach me with respect rather than passive aggression and insults to my intelligence. Everyone else can fuck the hell off.

Hopefully, he will do just that.  For some reason, ...tom... enjoys trying to goad people into debating with him.  I post something controversial on my Facebook page and he thinks I should have to engage in an argument.  Not so.  ;-)

ETA:  After I posted this, I got comments from Papa Smurf, who promptly went into ridiculousness.  Check this out.

What would the USA be like it there were half a million babies born every six months?
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Walmart at 2pm on a Saturday, that's what.
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 Ah yes, the equation of lowlife would be mothers, abortion and Walmart.
Pretty sad commentary.
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 In all seriousness... an extra 700,000 babies born in the United States alone is a pretty heavy burden for the Earth to bear. We don't have affordable and accessible healthcare and education as it is. Many people are struggling to make a living to su...See More
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 Kinda like the burden BabyBoomers will be placing on the youth of today.
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Yes, very true. Our population is aging and that is a stressor for everyone.
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 Shoot us or just let 'em die with the flue or whatever?
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 Oh please.
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He continued with this...

 Saying it is half true, half not. Kinda like the remarks said here, some are true.
I deem Tom's abortion stats as very true and verifiable.
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 So what? This thing was originally conceived by a Christian organization with a right wing agenda. That's what makes it bullshit. If you want people to take it seriously, present it in a neutral way that isn't about steering people to religion or promoting the right wing mindset. Explain why the world needs so many more people in it. How does that benefit society? Tom's abortion stats are true and verifiable. I looked them up myself. I still maintain that an extra 700,000 babies being born each year to people who are not ready to be parents is a huge burden for society to bear. These are new people that have to be clothed, fed, housed, educated, and given healthcare. We can't even offer those things to all of the people who have already been born. What we really should be doing is promoting accessible and affordable birth control and effective assistance for those who choose to have their babies and need help. We should not be putting up ridiculous memes that are actually about finding Jesus. I agree, abortion rates are nothing to celebrate, but I'd love for the pro-lifers to offer workable and compassionate solutions that aren't solely about their world view.
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