Tuesday, June 21, 2016

44 is not so bad...

Bill and I enjoyed a fantastic evening in Nagold last night, which you can read about on my travel blog.  After getting off to a rough start yesterday, I had a relatively peaceful 44th birthday.  I still can't believe I'm that old.  Time flies when you're having fun!

Despite the free floating anxiety I have been experiencing lately, so far I'm feeling fairly good today.  If it doesn't rain, I'll probably walk the dogs and find something fun to rant about.  One of my new local American friends even set me up with a birthday video...

This made me giggle a whole lot before I went to sleep last night.  The guy bears a disturbing resemblance to George Michael circa 1984.  It's not really safe for work, but it did make me laugh really hard. 

It's a real treat to have raunchy friends who understand me.

Maybe I'll be back later.  Time to get dressed and let my boys enjoy their morning constitutionals.  


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