Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I got called "willfully ignorant" yesterday...

And it was all over a stupid meme my cousin posted.

My cousin posted this yesterday and it led to an online battle with a humorless anus.

When I saw this photo, I decided I had to comment.  I wrote that Sammy looks great and Bill Clinton went vegan and looks like he's been dead for a couple of years already.  It was just a joke.  I am aware that the photos are probably shopped.  Besides, people poke fun at politicians and rock stars all the time.  

I doubt this was intended to be anything controversial anyway.  The point my rock star cousin was trying to make is that rock stars are healthier than politicians.  I doubt he was being serious, though.  It was supposed to be funny.

Everything was cool until this dude came along and posted this...

Geez, people. The picture of Bill Clinton has been seriously photoshopped. Every photo on the internet is not necessarily real.

I was feeling my oats, so I called him a "party pooper".  He got pissy and said I was a "lie teller".  Then I posted the "party pooper" song.  


So then he said I was "willfully ignorant".  I just said I thought that was very funny.  So he added, "And amazingly accurate."  It's amazing, alright.  Especially since this guy doesn't know me.  I'm not sure what crawled up his ass.  Was he upset that we were poking fun at Bill Clinton?  What prompted him to leave a pissy comment about the veracity of photos on the Internet?  The funny thing is, I'm not a conservative.  I just have a sense of humor.  Then the guy got all pissed off and I felt like handing him a tube of this...

But something tells me this would make his butt hurt even more...

I'm beginning to lose faith in humanity.  No one can take a joke anymore.  I guess in all fairness, I shouldn't have called that guy a "party pooper".  For all I know, he's a laugh riot at parties.  But then, I'm neither a lie teller nor willfully ignorant.  I just like to joke around and have fun without some jerk lecturing me about Photoshop.  

For some reason, this incident made me feel depressed.  It's sad that my relatives have friends who are such tools.  Every time something like this happens, I feel more and more like I just want to stay in Europe.  I can't be myself around anyone without someone taking offense and getting all shitty.  Ah well...

Three days until I get out of here for my next adventure.  

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