Monday, May 9, 2016

Guy tells off pesky Mormon missionaries...

Warning.  The video below is not for those who can't handle foul language.

The mishies keep calling at this guy's house on a Sunday and finally get told off...

For those who don't want to watch the video, here's a synopsis.  This guy answers the door on a Sunday at 6:00 (my guess is in the evening).  He's confronted by two LDS missionaries.  This is not the first time they've come by to see someone else who is living at the home.  The guy in the house asks them why they keep coming by when they've been asked not to.  He also asks if they'd rather not be watching football instead of bugging people.  He adds that he'd rather be watching football and shit.  

One of the missionaries tries to explain the name removal/resignation process.  As he's trying to explain, the guy who answered the door interrupts him and says the guy they've come to see shouldn't have to write a letter to the bishop.  The guys simply ought to respect the person's right to peace, quiet, and privacy, especially on a Sunday.

The missionaries keep trying to explain as the guy gets more and more agitated and profane.  He finally tells them to get the fuck out of there.  In the home dweller's defense, he actually seems fairly reasonable at first.  He's not totally friendly, but he doesn't get profane until the mishie tells him his friend needs to write a letter to the bishop.  

One of the missionaries asks him to calm down and that's when things really get profane.  I have to admit, the guy made me laugh when he tells them to get the fuck out of there after making a comment about Mormons with ten wives.  :D  He probably knows that mainstream Mormons don't do polygamy anymore (at least not when they're still living), but threw that comment in just to annoy the mishies.  I noticed that one of them immediately tried to set the guy straight.

Below is another video of a guy who gets interrupted while making dinner.  He's a lot nicer than the first guy was, but he clearly knows more about Mormonism than the two hapless lads at his doorstep do.  

He doesn't lose his cool or use profanity...

I have to say, watching these videos is kind of painful.  In a way, I feel sorry for the missionaries because they come off as totally clueless.  They're just out doing what they're expected to do by their families and the church.  They probably figure they won't find a wife if they don't do this.  But I have to say, it must be really demoralizing to face guys who tell them off or know more about their beliefs than they do.

It's no secret that I don't like Mormonism.  That's different than not liking Mormons.  I think a lot of them are nice enough people or at least like most other people.  It's just that when they are missionary age, they turn into pests.  They think nothing of banging on the door and trying to share their religious message to people who aren't interested.  Or they try to get people who don't believe in the church to submit to the church's bullshit rules, like sending a letter of resignation to the bishop.  If you don't believe in a church and want to be left alone, you shouldn't be expected to have to write a letter.  A simple "no thank you" should suffice, although I do understand why missionaries feel like they have to keep reaching out to people who have fallen away from the church.

I think the door to door model is outdated anyway.  People have access to the Internet as well as cameras.  There are so many ways people can find out the truth before they are confronted by missionaries from any church.  And since everyone has a cell phone with a camera on it, it's easy to turn door to door mishies into laughing stocks.

We have only run into Mormon missionaries once, though we get JWs all the time.  I suppose next time they call on us, we should just tell them we've been disfellowshipped.  Or maybe offer them a Book of Mormon...     

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