Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gilding the lily...

ETA:  I discovered that the "university studies" major is exactly what it sounds like and can be done entirely online.  Sounds like a waste of time and money, but what do I know?  ;)

This morning, as I was reading the latest on RfM, I came across a post about Brigham Young University and how hard it is to get in there.  Bill had told me his younger ex daughter was attending BYU on scholarship.  I am not overly impressed by BYU for a lot of reasons, but I had heard that it was difficult to be admitted there.  On today's RfM post, someone wrote that to get accepted to BYU, you have to have great grades, excellent test scores, and connections.  I thought about Bill's younger ex daughter and said, "You know, I have a feeling that your daughter is lying about going to BYU."

It turns out, I was sort of right.  She does attend a BYU school, but it's BYU-Idaho, not Provo.  For some time, she's apparently been presenting herself as if she goes to the big BYU and not a satellite school.  I guess saying you go to BYU when you attend BYU-Idaho isn't technically a lie, but it is sort of deceptive.  On the other hand, I guess I can't blame her.  Many people like to gild the lily and make themselves appear to be more impressive than they really are.

Next, Bill told me that he'd found his ex kids on LinkedIn.  Older ex daughter bills herself as an illustrator in the greater Boston area.  Younger ex daughter is majoring in "University Studies"... whatever that means.  I remember at one time, she made a comment about having learned to play the piano and that she was planning to major in music.  I guess that didn't pan out for her.

There was a time when ex stepson and ex younger daughter both had aspirations of being in show business.  They both spoke of being in the movies.  I can sort of see that, since their mother's entire existence is a fabrication akin to a novel or a movie.  They are constantly trying to appear to be something they're not.  Anyway, knowing what I know about the study of music, my guess is that ex daughter never became proficient enough in piano to major in music.  And even if she had, she went off on a mission for a year and a half, which would mean she'd be missing out on the practice time such a major would require.

Still, I have to wonder what the hell "university studies" is...  Is it like the "liberal studies" degree their high school dropout mother supposedly earned before she allegedly went to graduate school to get a master's degree in education?  I can believe Ex got the liberal studies degree.  But I do wonder about ex kid, since she has always presented herself as super smart and directed.  Why would someone so smart and 21 years old be in college to earn a "university studies" degree, whatever that is...  I wonder how much of what ex kid blogs about is a fabrication. On the other hand, I'm not the one who reads the blog.  Bill does and then reports about it to me.

Anyway, it's probably not worth my time to blog about this.  She's really just another stranger to me, even if she does share DNA with my husband.  I shouldn't care about the lies she tells and the stories she believes.  I guess I'm just surprised that my suspicions about her were apparently dead on.  It must be hard to live a life that is nothing but tall tales and bullshit.  I should probably feel sorry for her, but I kinda don't.  Hope she wises up someday.

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