Monday, May 30, 2016

Facebook spats...

The other day, I shared this blog post entitled "Dear Offended Christian, From a Very Tired Christian".  I shared it because I thought it was a good read.  I didn't necessarily agree with everything the author wrote.  I just thought it offered food for thought.  So I shared it with the comment "A good read".  I never thought my decision to share that post would turn into a Facebook spat.  But then, one of my friends, a guy named John, posted this.

Sounds to me like this guy is the "offended Christian" complete with a litany of strawman arguments and misrepresentation of alternate points of view.

But don't mark me as offended at his ignorance. He is free to feel he owns some imaginary moral authority. Funny...sort of the vey thing he seems to be railing at.

Glad this tripe doesn't make me tired.

My response was, "It's still a good read."

I thought we were done.  Then my friend Elizabeth came along and posted this.

I didn't see much in the way of ignorance, actually. And if we remain tolerant of intolerance, then aren't we just as bad? I don't know the exact quote but it's something along the lines of "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." The anti-LGBT rhetoric amongst rabid Christians has to stop. The bigotry has to stop. The hate has to stop. That's not what Christianity is about. And until the Christians who are practicing Jesus' Christianity (acceptance, love, kindness, generosity) start calling the bigoted Christians out on their rhetoric and horrible behavior, then we're as culpable in this mass movement of hatred as they are.

I thought Elizabeth's comment was pretty reasonable and even-handed.  She's fairly liberal, but I have known her since we were teenagers.  We both grew up in the same southern town where people tend to have conservative values.  Her mother was one of my teachers.  As Elizabeth has gotten older, she's become more left leaning.  Nothing wrong with that...  I used to be more conservative than I am, too.

John couldn't let Elizabeth's comment go.  So he retorted.

You make many false assumptions which is why you don't understand my use of the term ignorance. It begins with rooting your understanding in bigotry and not other reasonable arguments like public safety, common sense and alternative solutions.

John's comment set Elizabeth off, as I figured it would.  She responded.

Uh huh. Got it. You know it all. We are all wrong. And we couldn't possibly be smart enough to contradict you. Good to know.

I couldn't resist.  So I wrote:

Uh oh... John, you're giving my middle finger a massive erection!

I was trying to be funny, but John escalated things more with this response...

I'm not the one pretending to know it all. I didn't call anyone names to make my point either.

Actually, I don't think Elizabeth called John a name.  She said he "knows it all".  There is a difference, but maybe he doesn't see it that way.  So I posted this.  I must admit, I don't like arguing with John because he doesn't seem able to accept other peoples' views without getting wound up.

No, you just accuse people of being ignorant because they disagree and dismiss liberal viewpoints as "tripe". You don't expressly name call, but you imply that those who don't agree with conservative rhetoric are too dumb to understand you.

He continued with this...

I've never implied that. Calling something tripe that assumes moral authority by misrepresenting the opposing viewpoint is tripe. Sorry if that offends you. It is t meant to offend.

My use of the word ignorance is also contextual. Ignorance means uninformed. And his opinion is uninformed. He is telling me WHY I believe what I believe. And he is wrong. That makes him ignorant.

Your middle finger needed some exercise. Glad I could oblige you.

Things continued to escalate between Elizabeth and John for a few more posts until I finally asked them to "knock it off".  That's one thing John is good about doing.  He will "knock it off" if you ask him to.  The thread started to die.  Then ...tom... had to chime in...

Not to pick up John's baton . . .but...

"red coffee cup" ..." the gospel of Fox News." ..." blaming gay people for 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and ISIS and child obesity."

Throw everything out there . . .something will stick.



What did John say earlier..??

" Calling something tripe that assumes moral authority by misrepresenting the opposing viewpoint is tripe. "

Sounds right to me..


I usually simply tell ...tom... to fuck off, but today I was feeling unusually jaunty.  So I wrote this.

Kindly pick up John's baton and shove it up your ass.  ;-)

I don't enjoy debating with John, but at least he will quit when you ask him to.  That thread was dead for well over a day before ...tom... had to try to instigate another argument.  I have decided to respond to ...tom... with profanity whenever he does anything the slightest bit annoying on my Facebook page.  For some reason, he seems to enjoy it and keeps coming back for more.

I don't actually enjoy being rude to people.  I know some people find it hard to believe, but I'm not a mean person and I don't like cussing at others unless I'm just kidding around.  I guess when it comes to ...tom..., I am just kidding around.  I don't take him the slightest bit seriously.  I still don't necessarily like telling him to fuck off, but I guess it's good practice.  

I don't like people who are passive aggressive.  I also don't like people who act like all knowers.  I really ought to unfriend some people, but that seems like it wouldn't be very nice.  ;-)

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