Saturday, May 21, 2016

Auf Wiedersehen...

We're off to Austria this morning.  After two nights there, we will go to Italy for a couple of nights.  Then we'll be in Slovenia.  Then Austria again.  Then we'll be home.

I'm bringing my computer with me, so hopefully there will be blogging.  I am guessing a lot of the blogging will be travel related.  Of course, it all depends on how shitty the WiFi signals are.

Incidentally, one of my most popular travel posts was written yesterday.  I excited a lot of Americans in the German community by posting about how to unlock the door.  Many German doors lock automatically and are just secure enough to keep people out of their houses, but not secure enough to deter thieves.  :D

Just one quick rant before I go.  Yesterday, I read about Krystal Lake, a 22 year old black woman who works at Home Depot.  Ms. Lake decided to make a political statement by getting a hat made that says "America was never great."  It was intended as a retort to Donald J. Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan.  She wore the hat to work and someone took a photo.  It ended up on social media and now she's getting death threats.

I posted the article on my Facebook and promptly got a rant from someone who was offended by the hat.  The commenter said the 22 year old woman was a know nothing who can simply leave America if she doesn't like it there.  My response is that it doesn't matter that she's 22 years old.  She has a right to her opinion and a right to express herself.  I may or may not agree with her statements, but I defend her right to make them.  Moreover, it's utterly ridiculous that in the "land of the free", Krystal Lake is getting death threats for expressing herself.

I think she has just as much right to wear a baseball cap as Donald Trump does.  Moreover, America is her home, so she has every right to complain about it.  One would hope she'd do her part to make America a better place, but that's a responsibility that falls to everyone.

The comments on my Facebook have been fairly civil.  The ones on YouTube are pretty shameful.  It amazes me that Republicans, who so often bleat about big government and their "rights" are calling for Krystal Lake to be shut down over a stupid baseball cap.  If you believe in freedom, you must believe in freedom for everybody.

I don't know that Krystal was smart to wear the hat on the job.  Apparently, her boss didn't have a problem with it, though.  According to the NY Times article, Home Depot does have a policy about employees making political statements, though it must not have been enforced.  My guess is that she'll end up getting fired.  Nice going.  That'll be one more person out of work, although Lake is apparently about to graduate from college and is seeking higher level employment anyway.  Given that she's a media studies major, this situation could actually work in her favor... or not.

Anyway, I'll go on record in saying that I think Krystal Lake has a right to wear her ball cap if she wants to.  And people should not be threatening to kill her over it, especially in a country that reveres basic freedom of expression.


  1. I would think the only issue would be if her employer had a problem with it, which was apparently not the case.It's far less a controversy, in my opinion, than the redneck I saw yesterday in Marin County (where there are not many rednecks)wearing a shirt with confederate flags on the front and back. Even that was MY problem and not his; he could where whatever he wanted, however stupid it looked to me.

  2. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night, and have safe and delightful travels!

  3. It is super beautiful here.


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