Saturday, May 7, 2016

Abusive preachers...

I have written a lot about fundamentalist Christians on this blog.  One place that I haven't written much about is Hyles-Anderson College of Crown Point, Indiana.  I don't actually know a whole lot about Hyles-Anderson College, other than it's a very strict unaccredited Independent Baptist college that was founded the year I was born (1972).  Back in the days when I used to do a lot of research of religious universities, I read a bit about Hyles-Anderson and learned that they had a well-known college bus soul winning program.

I had pretty much put Hyles-Anderson College out of my mind until the other day when I ran across this video...

I first saw this on a video made by KevOnStage, a YouTuber who makes funny videos about religion.

I had to listen to it a couple of times to hear the guy indicate that he's at Hyles-Anderson College as he chastises the guy in the congregation who has so offended him.  Notice the fake smile as he says "Love you."  Yeah, that's believable.

After I watched this video, I started doing some more reading about this college where people get chastised very publicly.  Evidently, Hyles-Anderson has different curricula for men and women.  If you're a woman, you take courses like "Christian Ladies' Attitude and Appearance" and "How to Rear Infants".    

I don't think he's from Hyles-Anderson... but the attitude is the same...

Notice how he berates people and says he "loves them".  Why would people want to sit through a sermon with this guy yelling at them?

Here's a guy who tells women that they ought to be "spiffed up" for their husbands when they get home from work.

More sexist bullshit from the same guy...

And this guy thinks a woman who has had sex before marriage is akin to a "filthy dishrag"...

Are these guys "good Christians"?  I'm not even sure what constitutes a good Christian.  To me, they come off as abusive assholes.  While church may not be intended to make people feel good all of the time, I can't imagine getting much out of sermons from these guys.  I wonder what they did to get where they are.  Why do people listen to them?  My guess is that they are narcissists with the toxic charisma that comes with being narcissistic.  

I'm just glad I wasn't raised in this kind of environment.  Talk about mind fuckery.  


  1. These people make modern Mormons look tame by comparison.

    1. Yes, they do. I was reminded of Gordon Hinckley's speech about "You're not much to look at, but you're all the Lord's got" speech, though.

  2. About half of all G.A.s who visit missions say things roughly as bad. It's inappropriate but not quite as spooky as this guy. The fundy churches claim to base every aspect of their worship on strict interpretation of the Bible, yet nowhere in the bible is it indicated that anyone other than parents (presumably just of a child; scriptures are unclear, though you can probably surmise from both the Genesis and Matthew accounts that a man is to leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife that eventually the authority stops even there) has spiritual authority over anyone else. He's freestyling his claims of authority.
    So are the Mormons and Catholics in a sense, but they at least have additional scripture on which to base it, however questionable that scripture might be.

  3. I meant "as bad as what Gordy said" when I said that about half of all GAs say things roughly as bad. That was a very rude thing for Hinckley to have said of guys who were giving up two years of their lives to serve the church at their own expense.

    1. I totally agree. It was shockingly rude, even though he probably thought he was being funny. Last night, Bill and I watched the clips together. Seriously... the second guy actually sounds like Bill's ex wife as he chastises people for not knowing what's in his heart. It's very abusive.


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