Saturday, May 14, 2016

A gathering at my house...

I rarely entertain at my house.  The last time I threw a party was Christmas 2005.  I think the party basically went okay, but then I had an awkward interaction with one of Bill's friends.  We later became friends... but now we're kind of not anymore because he's sexist and recently found Jesus.  Hanging around with that guy would be difficult now because he lives in the States.  If it were easier to visit with him, we probably wouldn't.  I'm afraid we'd end up arguing about abortion and politics.

It's been about ten years since my last house party.  I like people.  I like to cook and drink, but I've never really felt comfortable throwing parties.  A lot of times, I don't feel comfortable attending parties, either.  Bill wanted to have a gathering today, though.  So far, I am expecting one couple.  Another person said she wanted to come, but I'm not sure if she will.  I would love it if she did, but she has a tendency to flake out sometimes.  So if she comes, she comes.  If she doesn't, we may just end up going out to dinner somewhere.

Either way, there will be drinking.  We have a big cart full of libations that need to be enjoyed by people other than us.  Hopefully, it'll turn out to be fun.  I have to admit, it's a lot more fun hanging out with people other than military officers.

A week from now, we're going on another trip.  I look forward to getting out of here.  Then when we get back, I can go back to being my usual neurotic self.

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