Monday, April 18, 2016

What I've been doing this morning...

I "met" a YouTube's shargram (aka George) a few years ago.  We'd chatted about trying a collaboration for awhile.  This is the result so far.

It took all morning to do this, so I'm not really in the mood to blog right now.  Maybe I'll be back later.

ETA:  I went back and lowered the volume on the vocal.  The version that appears now is slightly edited.


  1. I think it's beautiful. I don;t know if I'm hearing a re-done version or the original, but I love it.

    1. Thanks Alexis!

      The guy playing guitar I found on YouTube. His name is George and he goes by shargram on his channel. He plays keyboards, too, and we have similar tastes in music. We had been talking about trying a collaboration. So he sent me his instrumental version of James Taylor's rendition of "The Water Is Wide" when I said I couldn't find an accompaniment that didn't sound really cheesy.

      I think I might want to do it in a different key, though I love the way it sounds in F major. Also, it sounds different on an iPad than it does on the desktop. I would like to find better software... or maybe get a sound engineer. LOL...

      On the other hand, when I do stuff like this, I get really critical and turn into a perfectionist. That's why I don't like to listen to myself much.


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