Monday, April 4, 2016

Weird stuff on the Internet...

So, once again, I am inspired to post about weird stuff on the Internet, thanks to my #1 fan, Alexis.  In a recent comment, Alexis writes that she just found out that pacifiers come in adult sizes.  She says it's for "adult babies".  Until just recently, Alexis apparently didn't know that such a community exists.  Sure enough, it does.  People are kinky and they have a fascinating array of fetishes and turn ons that come from who knows where?

Some time ago... I want to say around 2007, when Bill was deployed and I was home all by my lonesome... I discovered a B&B in Arizona that was specifically for "adult babies".  These are adults who wish to be treated like babies rather than adults.  Some enterprising couple in Phoenix, Arizona had actually come up with a business concept to cater to grown ups who wanted to revisit infancy.

I see now that the B&B, which was advertised on a site called, is now defunct.  My guess is that it just got to be too weird for the neighbors.  If I recall correctly, the couple ran their business in a residential neighborhood and they had everything from adult sized tricycles to cribs that could accommodate a 200 pound man.  For a reasonable fee, the innkeepers would play Mommy and Daddy and do everything from change their clients' diapers, read them a bedtime story, strap them into a carseat, and feed them beans and franks or macaroni and cheese.  The encounters were not intended to be sexual in any way, though I am sure that's how they turned out for some people.

While you won't find that site operating today, if you look it up on the Wayback Machine, you will find a snapshot of it as it appeared back when the site was still working, complete with links to for adult baby products.  I see right now, it's mostly diapers.  The FAQs are especially interesting.  Apparently, if you showed up smelling of smoke, Mommy and Daddy would bathe and spank you.  I bet a lot of clients were into that.

I don't know much about the adult baby community.  I think it's fascinating to read about the things that excite and interest other people, but I can't say that particular fetish is one that turns me on.  My guess is that the people who enjoy that sort of thing are people who had to grow up too fast or were somehow neglected by their parents.  A lot of people feel stressed out by the trials of being an adult and would like to go back to a time when nothing was up to them.  I think I can understand that.  It's one reason why a lot of powerful people, men in particular, enjoy visiting sexually powerful women.  For a short time, the woman is in charge and the powerful man can relax.

I have read that a lot of so-called adult babies enjoy wearing diapers because they make them feel safe and loved.  Of course, this is not something I've studied extensively and I know I could be wrong.  Maybe some adult babies just really enjoyed babyhood and want to go back for a visit.  Me?  I don't think I'd want to redo my childhood, as least not as I experienced it.  Growing up is hard work.

It appears that London has a market for adult babies.  Click the link for an article about a party you can attend if you're into such things.  Actually, I had a good laugh reading the article, but then I am very easily entertained.  Here's an article that seems to employ a less lurid approach to this topic.

But yeah, there is a lot of odd stuff out there online and offline.  I figure it's okay as long as no one gets hurt, even if it's not something that is especially appealing to me.  At the very least, it's kind of fun to learn about it.


  1. There are enough of these people out there that the broad category can be subdivided into "Adult Babies" and "Diaper Lovers." Wow.

    I was reading one of the article in which a guy was extolling the pleasures of defecating on oneself. Perhaps I shouldn't even try to understand the mentality. I would think that the very worst thing about being an actual baby would be to be stuck in a wet or soiled diaper until someone got around to changing it. the idea that this is the part of infancy that anyone would most want to relive is positively mind-boggling.

    1. Like I said... people are very kinky.


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