Saturday, April 2, 2016

The most obnoxious cruise passengers...

In a recent blog post about "Large Marge", I wrote that she was not the most annoying cruise ship passenger I've ever run into.  She does rank up in the top five or so, but keep in mind I haven't actually been on too many cruises yet.  I am sure I will run into other cruisers who will annoy me a lot more than she ever could.

As Bill and I were enjoying Greek food last night, we were talking about our cruise experiences.  I was suddenly reminded of an entire group of people on a SeaDream cruise who annoyed the ever loving hell out of me.  It was April 2010 and we were on our very first SeaDream cruise.  I was super excited because up until that point, we were too broke to even consider taking a luxury cruise.  It had only been a couple of years since we'd been able to do any traveling that didn't involve staying at a relative's house.  So I was definitely primed and ready for our cruise.

As we were waiting to go through security in Puerto Rico, a dark haired woman who was clearly part of a large group, stood near me.  She was smoking a cigarette.  She carelessly tapped the cigarette and ended up ashing on my suitcase.  That didn't leave me with the best first impression.  But hey, I've been taught to give people the benefit of the doubt.  So Bill and I got on the ship and started drinking bubbly.

The large group on our first cruise consisted of a bunch of Brazilians.  They were fresh off the plane and ready to party.  And party they did!  They drank, danced, cavorted, and paid no mind to any of the other people who happened to be sharing the cruise with them.

I mostly tried to ignore them as much as possible, but they made it pretty much impossible to ignore them.  Bill and I signed up for one excursion on SeaDream.  We went to the Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques.  To date, after having been on three different SeaDream cruises, that is the only excursion we have ever done with them.  And, I have to say, after the excursion was over, I was pretty much close to tears, mostly because of the large group of Brazilians who came with us.

I mentioned previously that I tend to get a little "company fatigued" when I'm on a cruise.  I enjoy people and it's fun to socialize, but I don't spend a lot of time with people in my day to day life.  Consequently, after spending awhile on a cruise, I tend to get tired of being around others and need to withdraw.  Otherwise, I go straight to bitch mode.

Bill and I had spent the day hanging out with a friend I knew from online.  She and her husband and child were vacationing in Vieques, in part because our cruise plan had inspired them.  We later got back on the ship and prepared for the excursion to the Bio Bay, which was at night because during the daytime you can't see the dinoflagellates that make the bay so special.  I was already a little hungry, which almost never happens when I go on cruises.  Then we got on a broken down bus to go to the bay and Bill and I ended up sitting on a broken seat, next to the Brazilians, who were carrying on like it was a party bus.

I don't remember exactly why I got so annoyed with them.  I do remember they kept chanting "mosquito" over and over again and were kind of play slapping at each other as we bounced along the terrible dirt road riddled with potholes.  I gave Bill an annoyed look as the bus lurched and I struggled not to sink deeper into the hole caused by the broken seat.

We finally got on the pontoon boat that was to take us into the bay.  I listened to the tour guide lecture us about being environmentally conscious as I thought about the shitty bus belching fumes into the air and contributing to my admittedly "stank" attitude.

It was pretty cool to swim in the bay among the dinoflagellates.  Then we got back on the bus and headed back to the ship.  The Brazilians continued with their high strung antics, smacking at each other, yelling, and just basically being annoying.  By the time we got back on the ship, I was hangry and decidedly bitchy.  I really just wanted to eat and go to bed.  But then the hotel manager made a comment about the way I was dressed, which really pissed me off.  I went back to the room, got dressed, and came back to the bar area.  The bartender had seen the wet cat look on my face and immediately seated me.  Then he fetched me a glass of white wine, probably because it looked like I was on the verge of exploding.

I really think most of my problem was the fact that I was hungry.  I get very irritable when my blood sugar is low.  But the Brazilians... a whole troop of them... also got me very upset.  Throughout our five night cruise, they made sure to act like the ship was their personal and private domain.  One day, as Bill and I sipped cocktails at the bar, a very outspoken South African bartender named Duncan said, "Ah Brazilians!  They kept me up all night!  I'm surprised their livers haven't packed it in yet!  I will NEVER work in Brazil!"

Bear in mind, this post is not a statement on Brazilians in general.  I am certain they are wonderful people with a great zest for living.  I have heard their country is beautiful, too.  But that particular group of Brazilians, because there were so many of them and they were so oblivious to everyone else, ranks at the top of the rudest and most annoying cruisers I've met.  On our next cruise, there was a large group of Norwegians who were equally loud and rambunctious.  I didn't mind them nearly as much, though.  They were having fun, but they were happy for everyone else to join in their fun.  They were also really nice.  They even let me take a great photo of them in the hot tub!

I wouldn't mind cruising with these folks again...

Not everyone liked the Norwegians, though.  A couple of the Brits who were cruising with us couldn't stand them.  So I guess you just never know.  One person's life of the party is another person's pain in the ass.

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