Saturday, April 16, 2016

Red stripes... literally burning your own butt!

All this talk about spanking made me remember an incident from my childhood that I had totally forgotten about.  It's kind of a funny story now, although it might not be funny if it happened in today's very CPS happy world.

When I was five years old, we lived in base housing at Mildenhall Air Force Base in England.  All of the rooms in our house were heated by electric heaters that were mounted on the walls.  I was getting dressed in my sister's room and accidentally backed into the heater, which was turned on high.  The heater was covered with a wire grate that had horizontal rods across the heating element.  When the heater was working, it got very hot.

When I backed into the heater, it basically had the effect of branding my skin.  I burned red stripes across my very white ass flesh.  I remember running to the stairs and calling to my mom.  I told her I'd burned my butt.  I don't remember her reacting much.  I never even saw a doctor about the burns, which must have been second degree.  I had red stripes across my ass for the next two years.  For those two years, my behind bore a slight resemblance to the American flag, minus the stars.  The stripes faded very gradually and finally went away completely.

Of course, nowadays, had my mom presented me to a doctor with burn wounds on my behind, it's likely that I would have been interviewed by someone from child welfare.  Hell, they might have called someone back then, too.  They may not have believed my story, but that is one element from my past that is 100% true.  I clearly remember burning my butt and I also remember that neither of my parents had anything to do with warming up my behind that time!

I probably had red stripes across my ass when this picture was taken at our house in England.


  1. Jeez, that must have hurt. Those wall heaters were incredibly dangerous, as were the floor furnaces one of my relatives still has, although most children get burned by them only once.

    1. I remember being more surprised than hurt at the time. It did hurt once the initial shock wore off. And the stripes were distressing.


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