Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Putting yourself out there...

I have a really odd mind sometimes.  Something will interest me and I'll start to research it, then I'll find myself moving tangentially until I'm somewhere completely different from where I started.  Yesterday, someone posted about cats in heat and somehow that led me to videos about people going to jail or being locked up in a mental hospital.  How did this happen?

When I was growing up, we had cats.  The one cat I remember particularly well was named Salem, but we always just called him kitty.  He was neutered, but had a tendency to wander off.  One day, he up and ran away.  We had a cat named Cricket when we lived in England, but I don't think she made it back across the pond with us.  When I was a teenager, I had a cat named Rudy that I found.  He was a gorgeous cat.  I think he may have been a Maine Coon because he was really friendly.  Sadly, Rudy became a victim of US Route 17, which ran in front of our house.

I haven't had another cat since I was about 15.  I doubt I ever will because Bill is very allergic to cats.  I am also allergic to them, dogs, rabbits, and horses, but I never let allergies get in the way of having pets.  My allergies are not nearly as bad as Bill's are.  When we visit his mom, he always leaves with red, weeping eyes.  

Anyway, the upshot of this is that I didn't know what a cat in heat sounded like.  I had never been around an unaltered female cat at that time of the month, although my mom used to talk about cats in heat with a tinge of disgust in her very Virginia accent.  So yesterday, when someone posted about cats in heat, I decided to go look on YouTube for any videos featuring a cat in heat.  I found this one.

She kind of reminds me of the mares I used to clean up after when they went into season.  Some of them would turn into equine hussies.

Somehow, from that video, I landed on another video about a woman who was two hours from having to report to jail.  It seems she had been caught driving while intoxicated and had been sentenced to thirty days in the slammer.  I listened to her talk about her stress as she waited for the time she was to report to her local pokey.  Honestly, if it had been me, I would have been way too upset to sit in front of a web camera and talk to strangers on the Internet.  But I must admit, it made for interesting viewing.

Interesting commentary on going to jail.  She spent a night in jail, then went on house arrest.

Actually, before I watched her video about going to jail, I watched Chelsea's video about what jail was like.  It sounds to me like it wasn't that traumatic for her.


This video gets thousands of hits.  I bet a lot of it has to do with the fact that Chelsea is pretty and she's relaxed on camera.  I look shitty on camera.

From there, I wound up on a channel made by a woman who struggles with mental illness.  The first video I saw by her was about being sectioned.  "Sectioned" is what people in Britain call being committed to a mental hospital.  I actually ended up watching a number of this lady's videos, mainly because I was fascinated by her eyes.  I even subscribed.  Check them out...  

Laura talks about being "sectioned" in Britain...

There are a lot of videos on YouTube about people who have been to jail or been committed to a mental hospital.  A lot of them are unwatchable.  Not everyone has the charisma to be on camera.  I am one of those people who doesn't video well.  My videos are mostly films I've taken of dogs, other people, or music.  I prefer to be behind the camera and I'm not even all that good at that!  So kudos to those who can put themselves out there, especially on camera.  I prefer to write, although videos are definitely more profitable.  

I must admit, I usually prefer to watch old TV shows, music videos, movies, commercials, and other professionally done, but old, shit.  It's not typical for me to watch vlogs, though I may end up changing my mind.  Who knows?  Maybe someday there will be an Overeducated Housewife YouTube channel. 

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