Thursday, April 21, 2016

People with "issues"...

Yesterday, in one of our local Facebook groups, a huge drama erupted.  It was started by a woman who seems to either have copious amounts of sand stuck in her vagina or an incurable diaper rash.  Seriously, though I have never personally had any run ins with her, I can't help but noticed that she is constantly bitchy to other people.  She argues with them, treats them with condescension and disdain, and is just generally really nasty.  I feel pretty fortunate, though, because for some reason she blocked me.  I am more or less spared her piss and vinegar postings.

Anyway, what happened was this lady, who happens to be German, posted something about potential terrorist threats on Italian beaches or something like that.  Since she blocked me, I couldn't actually see the post.  One of the Americans who saw the posting asked her to provide a source for her intel on terrorist threats.  The perpetually sour German lady got pissed off and an online argument ensued.

Screenshots were taken and shared with people in other groups.  Someone told the Desitin Queen about her posts being shared and mocked in other groups.  So our German friend with "issues" got extremely pissy and posted a rant for everyone in the community to see... except for those she had blocked.  Of course, the people she blocked were the people she was addressing.

Naturally, everybody saw her rant, even those who were blocked, because other people got screenshots and shared them privately to be mocked.  The shit spread like wildfire and turned into last night's entertainment.  In all truthfulness, when stuff like this happens, there's no need to watch Netflix in these parts.  You can hang out in our local Facebook group and get all the entertainment you could ever want.

While some people might call this kind of stuff juvenile and stupid, I will say that it brings out the artist in a lot of people.  For instance, some creative genius of a person posted this hilarious article...  Other people made funny memes.  One guy called out Ms. Sandyvag with an epic profane rant that is the stuff of legends.  I can see why he chose to be a warrior and wouldn't want to run into him when he's having a bad day.

I generally try to be nice to people most of the time, though I definitely have my limits.  However, as I sit here and think about yesterday's Facebook drama, I am suddenly reminded of a news story involving Richard Simmons.  Back in 2004, the then 54 year old Simmons was at Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport when he had a run in with 23 year old Chris Farney.

Farney made a teasing remark to Simmons, which apparently set off the fitness guru.  Simmons walked up to Farney and said, "It's not nice to make fun of people with issues."  He then slapped Farney across the face.  Farney, who was not hurt in the altercation, then called the police, who cited Simmons for assault.

At the time of Simmons' slapping incident, Simmons was 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed 155 pounds.  Farney was 6 feet 1 inch tall and outweighed Simmons by 100 pounds.  He also cage wrestled in his spare time.  I'm not sure what Richard Simmons was thinking, but he sure took a risk when he laid the smackdown on that guy.

Perhaps if we weren't on Facebook and our prickly German friend was visiting us in person, someone might actually get slapped.  On the other hand, having witnessed the reactions of others in the community, I think it's best that we keep these kinds of battles online.  Wouldn't want to start a German/American brawl... especially since the local police are pretty well practiced at breaking up those things.

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