Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mary Skeffington leads me to shargram...

Today's blog post is about how music can lead you to unexpected places.  Back in the mid 1970s, my family lived in Mildenhall, Suffolk in the United Kingdom.  I was a young child who loved listening to Olivia Newton-John.  My dad was also a fan of her music and he owned several of her albums.  In 1974, Olivia Newton-John was a country singer and she had released If You Love Me Let Me Know.  I loved that album and used to listen to it all the time, to the point at which I wore out the cassette.  That's a pity, since the album is now out of print.  Fortunately, someone uploaded it on YouTube so I can still listen to it when I want to indulge my nostalgia.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I was sitting at home alone.  Bill was on one of his business trips and I was probably drinking a lot of wine by myself.  I started watching YouTube videos and did a search for Olivia Newton-John's version of "Mary Skeffington", which was on If You Love Me Let Me Know.

Olivia sings "Mary Skeffington"...

After I listened, I continued to fool around on YouTube and found myself on shargram's YouTube channel.  

shargram covers "Mary Skeffington".

I didn't know that "Mary Skeffington" was a song written by Gerry Rafferty about his mother.  I also really enjoyed the way shargram made music.  So I listened to a few of his videos and left comments.  He came to visit me on my YouTube channel.  We seem to have fairly similar taste in music and, of course, we're both big James Taylor fans.  shargram lives in Scotland, too, which automatically makes him cool.  

I love how something like an obscure Olivia Newton-John song from the 70s can lead to discovering a musician in Scotland.  It's even cooler that we can collaborate while living in two different countries.  God bless the Internet and my love of obscure music.  

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