Saturday, April 30, 2016

Just to show you how weird things can get in Europe...

I just read a very strange news story about a principal at a German school who forced a couple of boys to get naked in his office.  Apparently the principal at the high school near Düsseldorf accused the two students from a neighboring school of stealing from the changing rooms.  The boys denied stealing anything, but the principal insisted that they undress or he'd call the police.

Making the boys strip down to their underwear was not enough for the oddball school official.  He demanded that the boys get totally naked.  Oddly enough, they complied.  Investigators say they don't think there was a sexual motive for this forced stripping.  Other kids came into the area while the boys were disrobing, which added to the sense of humiliation.

I think if I had nothing to hide and was asked to get naked by a school principal or have the police called on me, I'd just let the principal call the police.  If you haven't stolen anything, the cops will quickly find that out.  They might also be interested in hearing about a principal asking students to get naked.  Besides, it turned out no one had reported anything missing.  But I guess German kids are taught to comply with the demands of authority figures.

The incident apparently happened weeks ago, but prosecutors are just now looking into it because they originally didn't feel it was worth investigating.  If this had happened in the United States, you can bet it would be all over the news and the principal would probably end up being labeled a sex offender.  Frankly, I can't think of a single reason why a principal would ask students to strip unless he temporarily lost his mind or was thinking with the wrong head.

Today there is a huge protest going on in Stuttgart.  Apparently, there are hundreds of left wing protesters holding up traffic and setting fires.  Police are threatening to use water cannons to disperse the groups.  In fact, I found out about the principal demanding kids to strip in front of him because I was looking for information in English about the protest.  I typed "Stuttgart news in English" in Google and ended up on The Local, which puts out news stories in English about countries in Europe.  The news often highlighted in The Local isn't your typical run of the mill news.  It's usually odd or funny stuff.

Americans who live in the Stuttgart area are usually advised to avoid protest areas because though they are usually peaceful, sometimes they can get violent.  Anyway, this is the information we got locally.
UPDATE: Starting at 0600 hours, 30 April 2016, at an unknown location in downtown Stuttgart, Germany, between 1000-2000 members of approximately 45 Left Wing organizations will rally and then proceed via unknown means/unknown routes to the Messe, Stuttgart Germany, which is directly adjacent to the Stuttgart Airport. The intent of these organizations is to confront members of the "Alternative fur Deutschland" AfD who have a scheduled meeting at the Messe. The organizations' sole purpose is too violently disrupt the AfD meeting. Information further indicates these organizations intend to emulate the violence that occurred in Frankfurt, Germany when the European Central Bank reopened in 2015. Disruption/blockage of Autobahn 8 in the vicinity of the Messe could occur between the hours of 0700-1400 hours, 30 April 2016. It is expected that approximately 4000 AID members will attend the meeting at the Messe. Over 1000 Polizei will be present in attempt to prevent any violent clashes between the groups.
The Polizei expect VIOLENCE to occur. It is RECOMMENDED all DoD affiliated personnel avoid the affected areas. US Personnel transiting the Stuttgart Airport on 30 April 2016, should be aware of potential disruptions and ensure they allow ample time in event of interruptions of traffic or public transit in the area. The demonstration was properly registered with Host Nation Law Enforcement. Although no specific or credible information exists, Host Nation Law Enforcement expressed concern about the possibility of the Left Wing organizations identifying and targeting nearby US Army Garrison - Stuttgart installations.
There's never a dull moment around here...

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