Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fuck off, ...tom...

So today, I couldn't resist sharing a photo of the newest three ladies in charge of the Mormon church's primary program.  I'm not going to share their photo on my blog because copyrights and shit, but I do feel fine about providing the link to the photo of them in blazers in primary colors.  For some reason, someone shared the picture on Facebook with the caption: "LDS General Conference reaches out to women of color."

I'm not sure why that caption was put there.  It was probably just a reference to the colorful and ugly blazers.  But my comment was that they look ridiculous and resemble a trio of Stepford Wives.

I have mentioned before that I have people on my Facebook who feel it is their duty to chastise me when they think I've stepped out of line.  And lo and behold, I got this comment...

No link to an article explaining their reasoning or their efforts to 'reach women of color' matter how silly siad thoughts and plan might be.

Just an ad hominem, 'playground' attack on how they look.



So what was my response?  It was this...  

Fuck off, ...tom...

It's my guess that ...tom... likes it when people swear at him.  He seems to especially like it women women swear at him.  I probably should have just kicked him off my page, but I have to admit to finding him rather entertaining.  Moreover, he leaves these kinds of "Papa Smurf" comments, perhaps thinking I give a flying fuck what his opinion of me is.  The fact is, I don't really... although I will admit that they make pretty entertaining blog subjects.  

It annoys me when middle aged men attempt to tell me what I should and should not be posting on my Facebook page, but by and large, what they think of me is immaterial.  In fact, when I get chastising comments from them, I am reminded of my father.  I butted heads with him for many years and his shitty commentary on my lack of "class" and decorum did little to change my behavior.

What makes ...tom's... comment especially funny is that he has no idea what he's writing about.  The women pictured are not "reaching out" to women of color.  They are fucking wearing blazers in primary colors.  Because they are now in charge of the LDS church's primary program.  Get it?  

So no, they aren't doing anything noteworthy or special for disenfranchised black women or any other women who aren't white.  They are taking over the church's indoctrination program of little kids.  And they all look the part of Mormon royalty.  Indeed, they look like they could be sisters in more than just the church's churchy use of the term.  More than one person said they looked like triplets.

Now... the way these women look has nothing to do with whether or not they are good people.  I am sure they will do the best they can with their new jobs within the confines of the LDS church.  However, to me, they look pretty much like they stumbled out of a cult.  I don't see any spark of intelligence in those vacuous smiles or WASPy eyes.  They simply look the part of Mormon bluebloods with the appropriate academic pedigree to be respectable among church members.

Shit, go look on and you'll see I am certainly not the only one who thinks they look ridiculous and appear to be Stepford Wives.  My comment wasn't even original.  In fact, it was the thought of many people who happened to see that photo.  

I'm not exactly sure what reaction ...tom... was hoping for, but I think I've decided that from now on, when he leaves shaming, chastising, belittling comments, I will simply tell him to fuck off.  I honestly think that's the reaction he seeks from me and I am happy to oblige.  As a matter of fact, I really ought to embrace my Scottish heritage and tell more people to fuck off.  It might make me a healthier person.


  1. I think they look beyond ridiculous in those primary color blazers. Even if they were appropriately attired, their extreme white-bread appearance would be offensivee to a church that bills itself as global.

    P.S. This has absolutely nothing to do with the price of tea in China, but did you know that pacifiers are manufactured in adult sizes? Some druggies supposedly like them, but the largest market for the enlarged pacifiers is the adult baby community. I didn't know such a community existed. Jeez, you learn something new every day.

    1. LOL... Clearly I need to post about "adult babies"...

      Some time ago, I read about a B&B in Arizona that catered to adult babies. They even had adult sized cribs and jammies.

  2. Oh my God. I had no idea such weirdness exists in this world.
    I'll probably eventually post about the concept, though I don't know when.

    1. Oh yeah. There is all kinds of shit out there. People are kinky.


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