Friday, March 18, 2016

There is a very annoying American on this ship...

And for once, it's not me...  :)


  1. Maybe it's one of my relatives, except that cruises aren't free, and my most annoying relatives have such large litters that they could never afford to go on cruises.

    Is everything gree and beautiful there?

  2. I doubt it is anyone related to you. I will dish when we get back.

    Scotland is still beautiful.

  3. Hi Knotty
    I am not a regular reader of your blog but feel I know you from RFM and Alexis's blog.

    There have been a couple of RFM regulars expressing concern for Alexis re her blog being highjacked, especially as she has had issues with a stalker previously.

    I know she reads and posts here and thought it may be a way to indirectly get a message to her.I ,for one, have basically stopped commenting on her blog even though I read regularly as I don't feel comfortable about it.

    Hope you and the Lt.Col. enjoy your present trip. We did a great trip a couple of years back from Oban, up the West Coast and out to St Kilda then across the top to Shetland and Orkney. Maybe you can think about a trip Downunder some time.


    1. Hi OzDoc!

      Alexis has commented on this blog a couple of times this week. I have also had luck communicating with her directly on Twitter.

      We have been having a lot of fun. I can hardly wait to write some proper blog posts about our trip!

    2. And yes, Australia is on the bucket list!

  4. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Shouldn't you be sightseeing? or eating and drinking? Try cranachan for a dessert and we are making some awesome whiskies here in Oz.More reason to visit!!!!!!!

    1. After breakfast, sightseeing commences.


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